Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Peek Into My Collection - Pinks

As requested, here are my pink polishes.
While I always say that pink is probably my least favorite, I still have quite a few of them.
Some of my favorites in this group areNina Ultra Pro in Bittersweet, Orly Artificial Sweetner and Flirty.  But since I am pretty selective about my pinks,  I really like almost all of them.  

Until next time, take care!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blues rather than Purples, Nugets rather than Flakes

I was going through my photo library and saw a few pictures that haven't been posted yet. 

These pictures were the bane of my morning while I tried and tried to get the purple to come out so the photos would be polish exact.  Well no luck there.

 So instead of a beautiful purple polish of pure amazement that is Tomorrow Never Dies, you get the blue version.  But trust me, it's purple, yes it has a blue flash, but nothing like this.  If I knew the first thing about color manipulation I would have made it color accurate but oh well, it's still really pretty.

 I took pictures a couple of days after the initial manicure so needed a way to cover up the tip wear, for that I used Orly Space Cadet from the Cosmic FX line.  It worked out quite well across the tips of the nails with some accent hexes. 

 The accent nail was a bit more fun.  I started with a couple of coats of GoldenEye then hand placed some hexes in the lower corner before covering it all with a top coat.  I wasn't done though.  I took a sponge and some Wet 'n Wild Black Cream and very lightly touched the cold. the end results resembles a gold nugget you'd pull out of the ground 
Until next time my loverlies.  Take Care!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Peek Into My Collection - Blues

Blues are seem to have been my weakness.
Favorites here are Orly's Witches Blue and Star of Bombay.  Both are rich, deep blues.  Also love OPI's Yodel Me On My Cell, and China Glaze Secret Peri-wink-le

So I've shown you yellows/oranges, purples and blues, which colors would you like to see next?

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely day, and until next time, take care. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mother the Dragon & Daughter the Siren Nails

How about a bit of nail art for a change?  Just to make sure I can still do it.  You're in for a real treat with this post, because first you get to see my daughters beautiful nails.  She has such amazing nailbeds and her nails    grow so fast it's almost not fair at all.  Here she is sporting Red-ical Gypsy from the Color Club Boho Collection.  A sexy crimson Red jelly/creme, it is made all the more amazing with the addition of hand placed gold flakes on the accent nail and thumb.

 Moms nails were going for a little more, how shall we say "scaly" look. Using China Glaze Argo with the New Bohemian Unpredictable.  Add some stray gold flakes and a bit of acrylic paint for some scales and I had a fabulous dragon look courtesy of a fellow laquirista on a site I follow..Once I dig up all my favorites I will give proper credit. 

 Here is our tender moment of mother daughter nails.  We have quite different tastes but at least they break down into polish.  It's just another thing that I have to bond with her over and it makes me quite happy indeed. 
So what ways does polish bring your family together.  Post about your mommy daughter, father daughter, sisters and what not polish parties and come back and let us know all about them.  I may have a little something of a drawing for the participants.. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Peek Into My Polish Collection - Yellows and Oranges

Hello lovelys, onto another gaze at my certifiable polish collection no doubt.   Today we're doing yellows and oranges, "Oh My!"
I actually hide one of my eldest polishes in here, a lovely pumpkin orange from Wet n' Wild that flits about as if she were the matriarch of the collection.  Well, really she is, but we try not to let on too much,  The moment you favor one, the next will forget to put her lid on and will fall to the white carpet below.

I never really thought of yellows being my color until Sally Hansen Salon formula introduced me to Yellow Kitty.  A soft little gem of pale, pure, yellow that purrs her way into your nails while you stand and protest "no, I don't do yellow!"  But within moments your pulled in by the way it glides on, the color so soft and unassuming.  You're left with a moment of clarity in which you realize your nails are yellow, but you don't care.  But I digress

Over time I've become well rounded and no it's not the pastries! immune if you will to the dulcet tones of nail polish.  They are seductresses, teases and they wheedle their way into your collection in a most tawdry fashion.  I like it!  I do!
However, yellows are difficult to come by in an acceptable formula and I feel I can be selective on the oranges and so I maintain a medium of control with a mere 20 yellows and 41 orange.

So, where do the yellows and oranges stand in your collection?  Bring them out and leave a link for us to see and we'll stop by to take a peek.

Until next time my lovely ladies.  Make it a wonderful day.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Glitter All the Way

I love the new polishes for the holidays, there's so much sparkle and I am particularly fond of sparkle.  I am not however ready for holiday manicures.  So a little inventiveness was required.
 This is China Glaze Glitter All the Way and Wet n' Wild Black Creme with a few hand placed hexes and some Sinful Colors micro glitter.  
At first I was just testing the coverage of Glitter All the Way, so it's something like four or five coats on my middle finger with no base color.  I liked it so much that I decided to build a whole mani around it.  So WnW black went over the remaining four fingers.
From there I figured it would be a little odd to have the ever popular middle finger as the accent nail so I pulled out my hex glitter and selected the colors that are in Glitter All the Way, red, gold, purple and green.  My daughter calls it Mardi Gras in a bottle.
I usually don't have the patience for hand placed glitter, but really wanted to work it into the look.  Seriously, love it, going to have to do more.
 So, with my two accent fingers done, I went on to the rest of the nails.  I applied Glitter All the Way on the diagonal across the nails.  Once that was dry I took a thin line of foil glue between the glitter and black, I then adhered my Sinful Colors micro glitter in gold to create a definite line between the two.  I need to get some nail tape, I think that would have looked better. but anyway.
 Glitter All the Way isn't a terribly grainy glitter and happily doesn't drink a lot of top coat to get a smooth surface.  Even so, I think it took two coats of Out the Door and a coat of Seche Vite to get a mirror surface.  I love how it turned out though, very happy with this one!

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Peek Into My Collection - Purples

I recently had cause to go through and sort of organize my polish collection and figured that over the course of the next while, would share it with you. 
As of right now I'm just getting started on a spread sheet with all the names and brands but if you see a color you really love I may (emphasis on "may") be able to narrow it down for you. 
First off lets do purples since for a very long time that was my most favoritest color ever. 
I tried to break this down into brands, so all the OPI's are together etc.  It was actually a lot of fun seeing how much polish I actually have.  WOW, I'm either a nut job on a certifiable level or a true collector.  I like to think it's the latter.  At this count there were 92 bottles of purple polish.  Well, 91.5 if you take that itty bitty cute little OPI into consideration.

So, if you were to break your collection down, how many purples would you have.  Let me know, and leave links to your purple collection. 

Until next post.  Make it a most excellent day!  Ciao!