Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Bright Gradient

I picked up the Color Club Take Wing Collection from Ross Dress for Less.  I absolutely love the colors in this because they're so bright and fun and they actually have great coverage, even the yellow!  Pardon the tip wear, it's a mixture of my top coat and being a day into wear.
 You're also getting a sneak peek at a little project I'm working on, more on that to come though.

 For this look I used four of the colors, Daisy Does It (yellow) was the first to go down on the entire nail, followed by Fly With Me (green) over the lower two thirds of the nail.  I just used the brush to do the gradient, hence the rough look to it, but it looks great from a regular distance.
Once those two color were in place I followed it with Metamorphosis and then Sky High over just the tips, blending as much as possible with the brush.  It came out bright and fun, don't you think? 

It reminds me of some poolside drink you'd get made with pineapple juice and blue curacao  Served with one of those little umbrellas by some hunky guy with a great tan.  I think I'm going to slip off into this little daydream for a while, Until next time you all have a grand time and take care.