Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This is actually the second time I've done this mani, the first was a few months ago, and I forgot to take pictures right away and they got messed up.   I liked them so much though that I had to do them again so I could share.
I used Finger Paints' Gallery Glam, a lovely, deep, dusky, blue.  This is two coats and the formula was great, I didn't have any of the streaking and bubbling from the heat that I've had as of late with other polishes.

While the polish was still tacky I put the sequins on using a toothpick.  I got these at Sally's and they're listed as being black.  They are on one side, but the other side which is what I used is this great iridescent green. 
My favorite picture, it really shows off the sequins!

After that I put on two coats of Seche Vite.  I drew the brush very slowly over the sequins because I didn't want bubble to form.  One wasn't quite enough to take the edges off, there was still too much risk of snagging so I used a second coat which did the trick. 

I really like the look of these, I've been on the look out for more of these sequins in different colors but haven't come across any locally so I'll start looking online.  If you know of any, point me in that direction if you please
Unfortunately these didn't survive a day at work Monday, even with the extra coat of Seche one of the sequins popped off. 
Is it bad that I actually look forward to my polish coming off?  I see it as an excuse to change my polish to something new.  Are any of you the same way? 
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading, I do appreciate you my readers, and your comments do so much for keeping me motivated.  Thank you so much, and until next time, take care.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Patriotic Relaps

In Utah we celebrate the founding of our state on the 24th with the whole parades and fireworks thing.  Looking around you'll see lots of red white and blue, so in celebration I decorated my nails, not that I need an excuse. :)

I can't remember specifics on colors and I'm too lazy to go look at bottles but I'm pretty sure the red is QRS' Madam Scarlet, the White is by L.A. Colors and the blue and red glitter are both Stripe Rite.
I actually got several complements on it by little old ladies.  I was rather pleased with myself over that.
So to my folks in the US, does your state holiday involve red, white and blue too, or do you have your own state colors?

I think the mani speaks for its self so I'm just going to post the rest and let it go at that.  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.  I love your comments too   Until next time, take care!

Friday, July 22, 2011


I finally got a Bundle Monster set (forgive me, I can't recall which one.) and am beyond tickled with it.  I've been having so much fun that I don't even care when the look doesn't work out.  Here is a mani that did work out though using BM-224.

I used American Apparel L'Esprit as my base color.  I just love it, it's such a lovely soft lavender and it goes on like a dream. 

Once that was dry I started using Wet and Wild French White Creme for the stamping, I didn't like the look of it so I switched to Orly White Tips which although not as strong a contrast as I would have liked, came out much better.

I then added a top coat of my Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple which didn't really show up well in any of the pictures for whatever reason.  Looks great in the bottle though doesn't it.

Finally I finished it all off with a coat of Seche Vite.  I really love how girly and dainty looking it ended up, love love! 
One of the great things about shorter nails, the full images fit my entire nail.  Whoohoo!!  I just love stamping, it makes intricate nail art attainable for everyone that has the willingness to try, it just takes a little patience. 
Do you stamp?  What's your favorite, Konad, faux-nad or Bundle Monster?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Glitters

Hi everyone, I'm back from vacation so I'll be able to respond to everyone's comments,  hopefully I'll get caught up tomorrow.
It was quite simply amazing in Cali, Venice Beach was, as usual, a fun and colorful event, and while I was there I upgraded my boyfriend to fiancé!!!!  
Sunday night we were on the beach at sunset and he got on his knees pulled out a gorgeous ring, and popped the question! It was totally unexpected and I'm still in shock. 
I guess I should say that I said yes!  Actually it was more of me doing my best impression of a fish out of water with my mouth opening and nothing coming out.  When I could speak all I could say was "Really?"  I finally had to nod my answer.  I may have made him a wee bit nervous.  It was wonderful though and so perfect, I'm beyond happy!  We're talking next summer for the wedding, but we're in the beginning stages of planning, more to come!!

I hope you all aren't getting sick of my Kleancolor's yet, I have a lot to show and I'm having a lot of fun with them.
 Pardon the tip wear, my Essie Secret Story survived a day at work before I decided to add some zing with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Fuchsia.  This shows the difference it makes on the original polish with the glitter coat on just my pinky and ring fingers.
 Here it is in the shade where the holo flashes more orangy than rainbow.  I've noticed this about most of the Kleancolor holos.  I think that with this shade though the polish and the glitter are so similar that the latter just doesn't show up as well as it could.  Chunky Holo Fuchsia would be killer over a darker base color.
 Unlike the Golden Nirvana on CG Sun Worshiper, the fuchsia tint only darkened the original color slightly
Even though it looks more like a pink glitter coat than a holo I still love it, I do plan to see what it looks like over a dark base color though.  What do you think of it?

Thanks so much for reading and sharing in my happiness!  Until next time, take care and have a great one!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shhhhhhh, I've Got a Secret

Secret Story that is, by Essie.
 The Essie site calls this a "A dramatic and creamy bright fuchsia."  It is an amazing jelly polish and I love it. 
 The application was perfect but unfortunately I developed bubbles on my ring finger.  I think it's either because of the heat or because of the fan that's constantly going  I've noticed more bubbles in my polish with the hotter weather that weren't there before.
 This is four coats, and they dried reasonably quickly so I didn't bother with a top coat. 
I broke the nails on my middle and index finger, bummed about that, thank goodness they grow fairly quickly in warm weather.
Until next time, take care!

Friday, July 15, 2011


Hi everyone!  Guess what, I'm on vacation!!  I'm visiting my friend in Venice Beach California again this year, one block away from the  beach!  Let me tell you, my glaring white skin is a dead giveaway to my being a tourist.  I'm so excited to be here.  Since I didn't know if I'd have time for polish changes I put together some posts to keep things entertaining around here.  I may pop in with some vaca pics or news though.

Here I'm dressing up China Glaze Sun Worshiper with some Kleancolor.
 This is Golden Nirvana.  It's a mixture of large and small silver holo hexes with a fine silver glitter suspended in a lovely, thick, orange tinted base. 
 The orange tint isn't quite saturated enough to be a jelly, but it is enough to have deepened up Sun Worshiper significantly giving it almost the same color as oranges you buy at the store.  Mmmm, doesn't it just look juicy and good!
 The formula for Kleancolor is very thick, almost syrupy but by no means goopy or difficult.  In fact it dried very smooth and nice without the addition of a top coat.  If only all glitter polishes were so good when dry.
 I am totally in love with the formula and although I only purchased the glitters and holo's I'm planning on purchasing some of their regular polishes as well to see if the formula for them is as impressive.
I just "slapped" it on without messing with placement on the hexes, hence more on some nails than others.  I really like the way it looks. 
So you all have a lovely one and take care, I'll think of you while enjoying the sun and sand of the beach.  Ta!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sun Worshiper

I am a first rate sun worshiper.  Even with all of the warnings and scares I still go out without sunscreen, and bliss for me can be found in the cold, plexiglass embrace of the tanning bed  I am aware that I take my life to my own by practicing this behavior and there are those that feel just as strongly against such behavior as I do for.  To each their own.
When China Glaze came out with Sun Worshiper I admit that it was the name that was more the draw than the color.
 Unfortunately the color isn't that flattering on me, bringing out a lot of red in my skin.  It also seemed to take longer to dry than the Orange Knockout.  This is four coats and as you can see I still have a visible nail line.
 I managed to ding my index finger before I took pictures, hence the strategic thumb placement.  I just love the satin finish on these polishes, it's so flattering with these neon adding a bit of softness to what could be a rather jarring color.    
 While it's not my favorite I still love this color, I know it's hugely popular with others as well.  It is a great summery polish don't you think?

I have one  of my Kleancolor glitters in mind for dressing it up a bit so stay tuned and I'll see you back here.  Until then, take care!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Shimmer and Sparkle

Rather than take off my China Glaze Light as Air and OPI Steady as She Rose comparison I just finished up my right hand and went for some of my new Kleancolor pretties to add some bling.

I really like how this turned out, and am pretty bummed that my pictures don't show the lovely holo glow very well.  I used two coats of the the Chunky Holo Purple which is a great lavender holo glitter that flashes orange in a clear, purple touched base.  I then  added some diamond shaped glitter in a fun, bright green and Orly's Sec n' Dry top coat.

The formula for Kleancolor seems very thick compared to most glitter polishes but not in a sticky, goopy way.  The best way I can describe the consistency is a really thick syrup.  It has a very distinct smell too, not harsh, makes you want to cough if you inhale to deeply the way most polishes do, but a rather plastic-y smell that's hard to describe. 
I really like how this turned out and so far love Kleancolor.  Have you tried their polish yet?  I ordered it directly from Keancolor and they're very reasonable at less than $4usd a bottle.  Well worth it in my book.  
Until next time, take care.  

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Comparison - China Glaze Light as Air and. OPI Steady as She Rose

When I brought home China Glaze Light as Air I thought it may be a possible dupe for OPI Steady as She Rose.  Putting them side by side though it becomes apparent that Light as Air is more lavender while Steady as She Rose has a distinct rose cast to it.
I applied three coats of each color.   Unfortunately Light as Air developed some significant bubbles while I had some streaking issues with Steady as She Rose.  (I also did my cleanup too quickly and have some issues from that as well)
 Personally I feel that Light as Air is more flattering with my coloring than Steady as She Rose which seems to make my skin a little more pink when I wear it but neither or unflattering. 
I like them both though, what do you think?  I'll be showing you one of my Kleancolor polishes next so stay tuned!

Until next time, take care!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue

Just a quick post today.  Given that we'll be celebrating our nations independence in a few days I thought a touch of patriotism was in order.

This was a test that turned out rather well so I thought I'd share it.  It has some glitches, (bubbles, red bleeding into the white, turning it pink) but I like it and know what I need to do to fix them if I decide to do it again.  I don't know though, this has a lot of layers of polish, seven or eight if I counted right so some patience was required and we know how that's not my strong suit. 

I was rushing out the door to get to work this morning so pardon the poor picture quality  
I hope you like it.  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.  Take care and have a lovely one!