This is a list of polishes that I currently own.  I've broken them down to the most basic color groups and will refine as I go.  At the moment it is incomplete but I'll keep adding to it when I have the patience.

American Apparel - Factory Grey (black/gray)
American Apparel - Manilla (yellow)
American Apparel - Pinto (orange/rust)
Avon - no name pink (pink)
China Glaze Argo (green)
China Glaze - Atlantis (glitter)
China Glaze - Black Diamond (black/gray)
China Glaze - Blue Sparrow (neon blue)
China Glaze - Blue Year's Even (blue)
China Glaze - Bogie (purple)
China Glaze - Branding Iron (red)
China Glaze - Brownstone (rust)
China Glaze - Champagne Bubbles (gold shimmer)
China Glaze - City Siren (red)
China Glaze - C-C-Courage (purple)
China Glaze - Cross Iron (orange/rust)
China Glaze - Electric Beat (blue)
China Glaze - Emerald Fitzgerald (green)
China Glaze - Fast Track (neutral)
China Glaze - Fireside Glow (copper glitter)
China Glaze - First Class Ticket (purple)
China Glaze - Flying Dragon (purple)
China Glaze - For Audrey (blue)
China Glaze - Foxy (orange/rust)
China Glaze - Glitter All the Way (glitter)
China Glaze - Golden Meringue (pink)
China Glaze - I Love Hue (red)
China Glaze - Ingrid (black/grey)
China Glaze - Lemon Fizz (yellow)
China Glaze - Midnight Mission (blue)
China Glaze - No Plain Jane (purple) 
China Glaze - Outta Bounds (green)
China Glaze - Peachy Keen (orange/rust)
China Glaze - Recycle (black/gray)
China Glaze - Ring in the Red (red glitter)
China Glaze - Riveter Rouge (red)
China Glaze - Ruby Pumps (red)
China Glaze - Sacred Heart (neon,orange/rust)
China Glaze - Secret Peri-Wink-le (blue)
China Glaze - Shower Together (blue)
China Glaze - Solar Power (yellow)
China Glaze - Traffic Jam (pink)
China Glaze - Tree Hugger (green)
China Glaze - Trendsetter (yellow)
China Glaze - Unplugged (brown)
China Glaze - Unpredicatable (duo-chrome)
China Glaze - Urban-Night (purple) 
China Glaze - Want My Bawdy (blue)
China Glaze - Watermelon Rind (green)
China Glaze - Zombie Zest (green)
Color Club - Alias (pink)
Color Club - Alter Ego (purple)
Color Club - Cold Metal (blue)
Color Club -  De-luxe-cious (gray)
Color Club - Feel the Beat (orange/rust)
Color Club - Jewel of a Girl (purple)
Color Club - Jingle Jangle - (blue glitter)
Color Club - Kiss Me Under the Mistletoe (green)
Color Club - Naughtycal Navy (blue)
Color Club - New Bohemian (blue)
Color Club - Nothing but Truffle (red)
Color Club - Perfectly Molten (green) 
Color Club - Red-ical Gypsy (red)
Color Club - Revvolution (gray) 
Color Club - Ruby Slippers (red)
Color Club - Rule Breaker (green)
Color Club - Snakeskin (gray)
Color Club - Turn the Other Chic (orange glitter)
Color Club - Twiggy
Color Club - With Abandon (brown)
Cover Girl - Candy Corn (orange/rust)
Cover Girl - Fuchsia Girl (pink)
Cover Girl - Grapevine (purple)
Cover Girl - Perfect Penny (orange/rust)
Cover Girl - Violet Vision (purple)
Essie - A-List (red)
Essie - Bordeaux (red)
Essie - Chinchilly (black/gray)
Essie - Damsel in a Dress (red)
Essie - Decadent Diva (red)
Essie - Fiji (pink)
Essie - Gold as it Gets (gold flake)
Essie - Midnight Cami (blue)
Essie - Navigate Her (green)
Essie - Playa de Platinum (black/gray)
Essie - Sand Tropez (neutral) 
Essie - Sexy Divide (purple) 
Essie - Shine of the Times (flaky)
Essie - Vintage Wine (red)
Essie - Wrapped in Rubies (red)
Finger Paints - Art Appreciation Apricot (orange/rust)
Finger Paints - Art of Theft (blue)
Finger Paints - Artistic Azure (blue)
Finger Paints - Artist's Inspiration (brown)
Finger Paints - Asylum (flaky)
Finger Paints - Be a Pal-ette (purple)
Finger Paints - Framed in Red (red)
Finger Paints - Good Folk Art (pink)
Finger Paints - Grape Gumball (purple)
Finger Paints - Guggen I'm Lime (green)
Finger Paints - Pretty as a Portrait (purple)
Finger Paints - Scenery Greenery (green)
Finger Paints - Sketch n' Etch (green)
Finger Paints - Sketchy Character (brown)
Finger Paints - Tough Art to Follow (green)
Hard Candy - Lava (orange/rust)
Hard Candy - Mr. Right (blue)
Jade - Invisible Attachment (green)
Jade - Charm Illusion (green glitter)
Jordana - Cabaret (red)
LA Girls - Copper (orange/rust)
LA Girls Disco Brites - Hustle (purple)
LA Girls Crackle - Fracture (purple) 
LA Girls Glitter Addict - Celebrate (glitter)
LA Girls Matte - Alpine Green (green)
Loreal - Ravens Strength (black)
Love Bites - 031 (green)
Love Bites - 043 (blue)
Love Bites - 070 (yellow)
Love Bites - 090 (black/gray)
Love Bites - 136 (blue)
Manic Panic - After Midnight (blue)
Maybelline - Acoustic Azure (blue)
Maybelline - Charming Cobalt (blue)
Maybelline - Chic Chocolate (red)
Maybelline - Riveting Ruby (red)
Maybelline Express Finish - Go Go Green (green)
Maybelline Express Finish - La La Lime (green)
Milani - Bare to Wear (black/gray)
Milani - Flash Light (orange/rust)
Milani - Green Glow (green)
Milani - Hi-Tech (green,holo)
Milani - Hot Flash (red)
Milani - Lemongello (yellow)
Milani - Metallic Mango (orange/rust)
Milani - Photo Flash (red)
Milani - Pyramid Passion (pink)
Milani - Reddest Reds (red)
New York Summer - Hot Turquoise Blue (blue)
Nicole by OPI - OMB (red)
Nina Ultra Pro - Bittersweet (pink)
Nina Ultra Pro - Emerald City (green)
Nina Ultra Pro - Guava (orange/rust)
Nina Ultra Pro - In a Tiff (blue)
Nina Ultra Pro - Leaf Me Alone (green)
Nina Ultra Pro - Mambo (purple)
Nina Ultra Pro - Maple Syrup (brown)
Nina Ultra Pro - Mermaid (green)
Nina Ultra Pro - Molten Gold (pink)
Nina Ultra Pro - Mossy Britches (green)
Nina Ultra Pro - Salsa (green)
Nina Ultra Pro - Spun Sugar (pink)
Nina Ultra Pro - Sweet Nothings (pink)
Nubar - Baby Blue (blue)
Nubar - Dreamers Island (purple)
Nubar - Iced Licorice (purple)
Nubar - Love Rainbow (blue)
NYX - Woman (red)
OPI - All Lacquered Up (red)
OPI - Amethyst Abyss (purple)
OPI - An Affair in Red Square (red)
OPI - Aphrodite's Pink Nighty (pink)
OPI - Bastille My Heart (red)
OPI - Beachen Peachen (pink)
OPI - Blue My Mind (blue)
OPI - Brisbane Bronze (brown)
OPI - Bronzed to Perfection (orange/rust)
OPI - Burmese Blush (pink)
OPI - Charge it in Milan (orange/rust)
OPI - Congeniality Is My Middle Name (Red)
OPI - Crown Me Already (Silver Glitter)
OPI - Cuckoo for this Color (blue)
OPI - Did It On 'Em (green)
OPI -  Diva of Geneva (purple)
OPI - Don't Wine Yukon Do It (red)
OPI - Fee-Fi-Fo Plum (purple)
OPI - Fly (blue)
OPI - Gargantuan Green Grape (green)
OPI - Glow Up Already (green glitter)
OPI - Green-wich Village (green)
OPI - I Eat Mainly Lobster (orange)
OPI - I Have a Herring Problem (blue)
OPI - I'm Not Really a Waitress (red)
OPI - Jade is the New Black (green)
OPI - Kyoto Pearl (pink)
OPI - La Paz-itively Hot (pink)
OPI - Lighten Up You Two Pence (orange/rust)
OPI - Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (black/gray)
OPI - My Private Jet (black/gray)
OPI - Pepe's Purple Passion (plum)
OPI - Red Lights Ahead (red)
OPI - Rising Star (orange/rust)
OPI - Romeo and Joliet (orange/rust)
OPI - Show It & Glow It (purple glitter)
OPI - Sparkle-icious (glitter)
OPI - Take the Stage (orange/rust)
OPI - Tease-y Does It (purple)
OPI - Thanks a Wind-Milliion (green)
OPI - To Eros is Human (pink)
OPI - Two Plums Up (purple)
OPI - Waka Waka (red)
OPI - Warm and Fozzie (brown) 
OPI - Wooden Shoe Like to Know (taupe)
OPI - Yodel Me on my Cell (blue)
OPI DS - Magic (blue)
OPI DS - Mystery (purple)
OPI DS - Sapphire (Blue) 
Orly - Androgynie (black w/ glitter)
Orly - Artificial Sweetner (pink)
Orly - Blue Suede (matte blue)
Orly - Des Fleurs (pink)
Orly - Ever Burgandy (red)
Orly - Flirty (pink)
Orly - Glam (red)
Orly - Halley's Comet (blue)
Orly - It's Not Rocket Science (green)
Orly - La Playa (blue)
Orly - Liquid Vinyl (black/gray)
Orly - Lunar Eclipse (blue)
Orly - nameless sheer (purple)
Orly - Opal Hope (pink)
Orly - Out of This World (purple)
Orly - Peachy Parrot - (orange)
Orly - Purple Crush (purple)
Orly - Purple Velvet (purple matte)
Orly - Rock-it (red)
Orly - Royal Navy (blue)
Orly - Sky Blue-Pink (blue)
Orly - Solid Gold (gold)
Orly - Star of Bombay (blue)
Orly - Sweet Peacock (blue)
Orly - Sweet Temptation (pink)
Orly -  Veridian Vinyl (green)
Petites - Blackberry (red)
Petites - Crimson Pearl (red)
Petites - Hot Rod (blue)
Pure Ice - Celestial (blue)
Pure Ice - First Time (green)
Pure Ice - Free Spirit (green)
Pure Ice - Kiss Me Here (black/gray)
Pure Ice - Purple Reign (purple)
Pure Ice - Splash (blue)
Pure Ice - Unzip Me (yellow)
Pure Ice - Wild Thing (green)
QRS - Caribbean Turquoise (blue)
QRS - Chastity (pink)
QRS - Decades of Shades (brown)
QRS - Lavendar Bouquet (purple)
QRS - News of the Beloved (purple)
QRS - Nubba Dubba (pink)
QRS - Ok is Me (pink)
QRS - Red Square (red)
QRS - Royal Love (purple)
QRS - Russian Red (red)
QRS - Violet Pink (pink)
Revlon - Amber Ablaze (orange/rust)
Revlon - Blackberry (red)
Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia (glitter)
Revlon - Fierce (purple)
Revlon - Galaxy (blue glitter)
Revlon - Get Reddy (red)
Revlon - Rainforest (green) 
Revlon - Royal (blue)
Revlon - Slipper (red glitter)
Revlon - Star (cobalt blue glitter)
Revlon - Virtual Violet (purple)
Rimmel - Hot Rock (orange/rust)
Rimmel - Zeitgeist (pink)
Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Glitz Gal (black glitter)
Sally Hansen Gem Crush - Lady Luck (pink glitter)
Sally Hansen Salon- Yellow Kitty (yellow)
Sally Hansen HD - Cyber (purple)
Sally Hansen HD - Lazer (blue)
Sally Hansen HD - Spectrum (blue)
Sally Hansen Insta Dry - Mint Sprint (green)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Blue It (blue)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Blue Me Away (blue)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Bubblegum Pink (pink)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Emerald City (green)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Going Green (green)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Green with Envy (green)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Lime Lights (green)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Mellow Yellow (yellow)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - no lable green
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Ocean View (blue)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Purple Pizzaz (purple)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Purple Potion (purple)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Red Carpet (red)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Sun Kissed (orange/rust)
Sally Hansen Xtreme - Wet Cement (black/gray)
Sation - Blackberry Shine (red)
Sation - Orchid Occlude (red)
Savina - Carcoal Sparkle (black/gray)
Savvy - Banarama (yellow)
Savvy - Deep Amethyst (purple)
Savvy - Deja Blue (blue)
Savvy - Gotcha Grape (purple)
Savvy - Purple Shock (purple)
Savvy - Totally Teal (blue)
Sinful Colors - Aruiga
Sinful Colors - Daddy's Girl (purple)
Sinful Colors - Dream On (purple)
Sinful Colors - Mercury Rising (red)
Sinful Colors - Merlot (red)
Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie (glitter)
Sinful Colors - Oledia (yellow)
Sinful Colors - Patrika (orange/rust)
Sinful Colors - Rich in Heart (red)
Sinful Colors - Secret Admirer (black/gray)
Sinful Colors - Show me the Way (green)
Sinful Colors - Sugar Sugar (red)
Ulta - Chic Peek (brown)
Ulta - Envy (green)
Ulta - Jaded (green)
Ulta - Little Black Dress (black/gray)
Ulta - Sun-Sational (yellow)
Ulta (mini) - Jaded (green)
Unforgettable Moments - Sparkling Turquoise (blue)
Wet n' Wild - Black Crème (black/gray)
Wet n' Wild - Blue Moon (blue)
Wet n' Wild - Deep Wine (red)
Wet n' Wild - Eggplant Frost (purple)
Wet n' Wild - Spicy Cinnamon (orange/rust)
Wet n' Wild - Sunny Side Up (orange/rust)
Zoya - Freja (black)