Monday, August 30, 2010

Orly Cosmic FX 'It's Not Rocket Science'

I spent Friday through Sunday down in Provo, Utah for a military event. I took some basic nail supplies with me so I could do my nails and take pictures while I was gone...but I forgot my camera. So what you're getting is day four of my fabulous new polish, pardon the the damage. Also pardon the lighting, we've been having more than our fair share of gray skies so these are taken in 'sorta sunny" conditions.
I was lucky enough to pick up It's Not Rocket Science and Galaxy Girl but sadness, they had already sold out of Space Cadet at the Sally's I went to and I haven't ventured out since to look for it.
Predictably enough given that green is involved I am completely in love with this polish. The fact that I received so many complements on it doesn't hurt either. One gentleman said that he thought that from a distance my nails were beads.
I think that is a pretty good description, greeny/gold, glittery beads, heck, if they made beads that looked like this I'd snatch them up in a heartbeat.
Be still my heart, application was a breeze as well. The first coat looked like an olive green and I wasn't sure how that would turn into the glorious green the bottle bragged but the second and third coat brought out the richness.
The only problem I had was with the drying...It didn't want to.
I used Orly Bonder as my base coat followed by three coats of INRS followed by a coat of Sally Hansen's Insta Dri.
I noticed on the first coat of INRS that is was sticky for longer than most polishes and the additional coats compounded the issue allowing for some significant damage that required removal and re-doing. Even with the quick dry top was dry but it would just slide off the nail because of the unset polish beneath it. This was even with a wait time of about two minutes between coats. Maybe it was the humidity, I hope so because it's a fabulous polish.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Going Cuckoo

I must admit to a bit of frustration. I've been playing with my camera settings in an attempt to get a more true representation of colors for you. Yeah, it's just not going well. When I look at my screen and then my nails there is such a vast difference that isn't even funny. For my readers that have been doing this a while, if you have any tips they would be appreciated. With that I shall apologize for the failings but I refuse to let it get me down. One with the show!

This georgous polish is OPI's Cuckoo for this Color, part of their Swiss Collection. When I found the collection this was one of the top lusts of the bunch. It's a deep, shimmering teal that leans more to the green side than the blue.
I am in absolute love with the depth of the color on this one. This is three coats lacquer with one layer top coat and just look at that shimmer!
The first coat went on rather streaky but the second smoothed it out and the third just took care of any stubborn bald spots.

You may notice some bubbles, especially on the thumb but I don't blame the polish, rather the new drying drops I tried (Nail Life Aromatherapy Drop On Polish Dryer). It promises cuticle conditioning, speed drying and aromatherapy all in was not a great success, I wish I had purchased quick dry polish instead. I hold it responsible for the bubbling as well as the blergs that needed covering (hence the pretty nail stickers). It's good for your cuticles though, and it did smell quite nice if not a bit cloying.
I also noticed that there was a residue even after washing my hands that kept my quick dry top coat from working properly. This poor mani was thrashed before an hour was out. I complained to my boyfriend and he said it was a good excuse to re-do my nails. Love this man!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

After a couple of days of pale colors it's time to pump things up a bit with this beauty.
Meet C-C-Courage by China Glaze. A shiny, sparkle-icious purple. My boyfriend said that the color reminds him of grape skittles and he's not far off. Unfortunatly, my camera sees this as blluuue, so put on your grape skittles colored glasses to view. (That was almost poetic.)
My only complaint of this polish is that even with three thick clear top coats I still have some significant texture. The glitter in this is seems to come to the surface of the polish as it dries.
This is three coats of C-C-Courage with three layers of top coat.

Even indoor lighting won't keep that glitter-fest from happening!
I have a feeling that it's going to take the foil method to get this bit of shiny off but it is so worth it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Got's Me Da Baby Blues

Nubar Baby Blue that is. My baby is 15 and I'm ok with that.
Due to the fact that this is the only picture that turned out, it's the only one you get. :( Please pay no attention to my poor ignored cuticles *cringe*.
I'm actually quite enamored with this polish. It is the epitome of a baby blue, nice and soft and pale, something you'd envision a baby nursery being painted. It rather surprised me how very flattering it was on me. I don't usually think of pastels being my thing but I'm ok with being wrong.
This creamy polish went on with minimal streaking for the first coat and corrected out on the second.
Is it bad that I forget to count past the second coat? I can't remember whether this is a two or three coat picture...
This is actually my first Nubar polish. I must say, if all of them behave this nicely I'm sold. The place I picked this up is the only local location to carry them that I've found and has a very limited color range (like 20 colors maybe) so I'm going to have to branch to other avenues.
Do any of you like Nubar? Where do you get yours from?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pretty Rainbow-y Holo-y

I've been bad about posting the last few days. Between school registration, back to school shopping and all the other appointments and 'need to do's' that come along with it I've been lucky to check e-mail. Thank goodness school starts on Thursday because I am so done!
I did manage to make time for a polish change so I'm going to cheat a bit and back post.
First I have to tell you about my latest happy place. I found a bit of a hole in the wall nail supply store that is open to the public and has an AMAZING selection of OPI polish for considerably less than what I can find it for anywhere else (under $7). They also carry Color Club and a very limited selection of Nubar so I've picked up a few of those as well to play with. Their Orly is more expensive than Sally's and they barely have enough China Glaze to sneeze at but anything else nail related you can find there. Empty bottles for frankens, all kinds of acrylic powders, jewels, glitter, 3D bangles and what not's...The works! And prices are more than reasonable. Yes, I am in love. Now on with the polish!
Let me share OPI DS in Sapphire.
My first (but not my last) of the DS series and I am in some serious love here. My camera doesn't pick up the rainbow Holo effect very well but it's just beautiful. Even with a top coat it still glowed. I must admit that when I was driving home after purchasing this polish I couldn't stop staring at the bottle to the point where the daughter ended up confiscating it so we wouldn't get in an accident. I now understand the warnings about staring at polish and driving.
Indoors it took on an almost gray cast that was still quite lovely. I couldn't help but wonder if I could get away with it as a military nail but it's probably not a good idea, one wrong flash of light and I'd be busted.
I'd read of some people having issues with holo polish application but this went on like a dream. The OPI wide brushes are spoiling me for the narrow ones. The three coats I used went on without streaking and dried fairly quickly.
Now, I'd heard that if you use a top coat you loose some of the holo glow but that holo's on their own don't hold out too well. Since I'm a smudger extraordinaire I've become quite addicted to Sally Hansen's Insta Dri top coat. I took a chance and tested it on my pinky and the holo didn't show any change so the rest of my digits got the same treatment. I did notice a bit of early tip wear but otherwise it was fine.
I'm pretty much in love with the Designer Series and while they are all lust worthy I don't feel I need every polish from it. There are several that are must haves though and I'll share as I (hopefully) get them. They're just too nice not to share.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not Shaken or Stirred (some funky polish action)

A huge "Hi" to my followers both old and new, I'm flattered that you find me interesting and informative enough to keep track of my ramblings.
The weather here is making it very difficult to wow you all. It's behaving more like early fall than late summer which means windy, cold, gray and raining. Not at all to my liking! If you look to the left of the picture, you can see the one little spot where any sun is making it's way through the clouds. Hello sun, come back soon!
All this dark doesn't make for great picture taking either but I have just got to show you this oddball polish I picked up.
Yesterday was back to school shopping with the daughter and after stacks of clothes in stores with no polish I was pretty much done. She convinced me to make one last stop though, to Rue 21. Where I found a few new beauties and the ugly duckling (which I'm not sure is going to make it to swan status.) all for $.50 each! Score!!
So check it out. "Do Not Shake!!!" Doesn't that just make you want to give it a good shake? For $.50 I'm contemplating going back and getting another just so I can shake it to my hearts content.
And what really makes me want to shake it is how it looks in the bottle. All separated and ooky! Check out this weirdness.
I mean really, it looks like someone used nail polish remover to thin it out.
But, it's supposed to be that way. This is Rue 21's Love Bites in color 090. Poor color didn't even get a name! :( ...but then again, none of their colors have names. It's an interesting combination of barely shimmery multi-tonal grays and charcoal that honestly I think would be one gorgeous gray if they were shaken together. (Daughter is going back to Rue 21 with her grandma, am definitely going to bribe her to get me another bottle for shaking purposes.)
I know you're dying to see what this looks like on nails.
As you can see, each nail is very different. The charcoal showed up the most on my index finger and a wee bit on the ring finger. The rest were just streaky looking.
What do you know, a polish that is streaky on purpose! Way to capitalize eh?
This is 1 1/2 coats 090 with two layers of top coat.

What other odd polishes have you come across?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are You Ready for some Brightness?

This is Milani's Pyramid Passion and it's such a bright happy color. I think my picture makes it a bit too coral than it is but this is a vibrant, bright pink and there is no way you can look at your nails when they're this bright and not be happy.
Look at how vibrant it is. Most of what you see is pink, and oh how very pink it is, but if you look closer, no closer...cloooser. You'll see a beautiful purpilish fuchsia shimmer in there that is just so glam.
When I first put it on my nails my initial thought was "Hoooooboy, this is just a little much" but I actually love it. It's very flattering and honestly, I love the bright flash of color.
Application is actually quite good. This is two coats but I still see just the tiniest hint of my nail line so three may suit better for some. The brush is very narrow and doesn't spread well so I didn't care for that too much but overall I'm very pleased.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

S.H. Insta Dry Mint Sprint

I love this color, it reminds me of the store brand mint chocolate chip ice cream we used to get when I was a kid. I've never seen mint that color but it was so very tasty!
Application was great, one brush stroke on my thinner nails, two on the wider ones but one coat did the trick.
My only complaint is that this mani only lasted about three days before the tip wear got to me and it had to come off. I used the Orly Bonder as my base coat and have not had this issue with other colors to this extent. This is the only Insta-Dri color I have at the moment so I'm hoping it's a fluke.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flowers & Flutterbys

Finally done with my military week, I made it through that and am on the upswing from my tooth infection as well. Happy happy!
So once I was changed and relaxed (Well hello Riesling, nice to see you again.) I couldn't get my pink polish off fast enough. Now don't misunderstand, I like pink, but not when it's mandatory, boring pink.
There I sat, viewing my little empire of polishes and nail related what nots and trying to decide on my next manicure. For some reason I felt myself keep leaning more toward wanting to wear the darker more fall-ish colors and yet I am completely unwilling to sacrifice summer polish time to them.
No no no! There is no such thing as cold, there is no such thing as cold!
I ended up going with one of my newer colors, Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty. I love the soft banana color and find it very flattering to my skin tone and of course (how could you not?) I love the name.
Hoowwwever...Application wise, UG! I applied it over Orly's Orlon Basecoat and varying from finger to finger it was either too thick or too thin, always streaky and I had some massive drag on it that just made me crazy and I got bubbles, This polish hasn't been shaken in over a week but taking a good look at the bottle there is a lovely ring of bubbles, lucky me.
At two coats it still looked pretty crappy so I did a quick dry coat (S.H's Insta-Dri) so I wouldn't do my usual smudge fest on it let that dry and then applied a third coat. The first finger I did was my left pinky and wouldn't you know, I somehow missed the HUGE cat hair (thanks Toulouse) laying across it that refused to be budged. Not that I'm surprised, there is cat and dog hair everywhere since the vacuuming hasn't been done all week. *sigh* This is not going as planned, this is not relaxing and rejuvenating at all. What am i doing wrong?!?
But I'm determined to turn this into something good! Layering? No. Faux-nad? No. I need some inspiration here!
Ah-Ha, got it!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tag! Friday Four...

I got tagged! Thanks Karen at polish of the day. ish. What a fun way to get to know my fellow bloggers.
Since this was really not my best week I figured I'd keep it going as a Friday thing.

4 things found in my purse
-lip gloss
, lipstick, usually several since I always forget to take them out
-a huge stack of cards

-keys...if I'm lucky, I'm always loosing them
-lotion the little bath and body works travel size, it smells so gooooood!

4 favorite things in my room
-my sweety. (He's playing on his iphone while I'm playing on my laptop, we're such geeks!)
-All my roving just waiting for me to spin into yarn.
-all my jewelry making implements and beads (because there's no room in my sewing/craft room)
-All my nice smelling sprays and lotions. I'm a bit of an addict.

4 things I’ve always wanted to do
-Be a veterinarian for a zoo.
-Go to Africa and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
-Live in Italy
-Travel Europe

4 things I’m currently into
-Nails! Nails!! Nails!!!
-My tomato plants, I'm going to have fresh, home grown tomatoes soon!
-shopping, yeah, shopping is good

4 things I bet you didn't know about me
-I'm not really a redhead but I believe that I live in a time where I can get color in a box for a reason.
-Although I am of an average IQ, I write for the local MENSA chapter's publication.
-I can handle all manner of creepy crawly creatures except for ants and earwigs (Shudders).
-I have grand intentions of going to school to become a nail tech.

4 songs I can't get out of my head
-California Girls, Katie Perry
-I'm Awesome, Spose
- Tik Toc, Kesha (but the Star Trek video plays in my head whenever I hear it.)
- Whatever happens to be playing on my ipod or the radio at the time.

-once tagged you must link the person who tagged you
-tag 4 others
-let the bloggers know they have been tagged
-give 4 answers to each question asked

My tags
- Laynie from Layniefingers
- Miss Pinkz from Pinkz80

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Toys

You know things are bad when you get new toys and don't have the oomph to play with them. I got home today to discover my newest pressy, 48 nail art brush/pens! Under most circumstances I'd be at the table testing every color but not this week.
I believe I mentioned that I was on military duty all week so I figured I'd be a bit more run down than usual. What I didn't count on was a category 10 toothache to hit me like a pack of wild semi's over the weekend. I finally got into the dentist for an x-ray/exam on Monday and I have an infection and need a root canal. :(
They gave me antibiotics and some lortab so while I'm at work I've been functioning in a sea of pain and the moment I get home I'm popping drugs. Lord, I've had a child and compared to a toothache, that was a walk in the park!
Then today I discovered that my boots gave me blisters, so I'm a mess from bottom to top and as much as I want to provide lovely nail art for you to enjoy, it may be a day or so before I'm up to it. Hopefully the antibiotics kick in soon and take the swelling/pain away so I can concentrate on the important giving you my readers something to read!

Monday, August 9, 2010

There's No Place Like Home Nail Art

Here is my entry for The Daily Nail's There's No Place Like Home Give Away.

I couldn't bear to put so much effort into them on my real nails only to be wiped away in a week or so, so I did them on full acrylics that I shaped for my nails. I hope that's alright. She wanted a story to go along with, so I've included that. I hope it's not to long.

You will notice the addition of flags (the flowers), that aren't mentioned in my story. Those are borrowed from my current home where we have a lovely lake system called Daybreak that's not far from where I live. They've landscaped everything including the water. :) It's just beautiful in the spring when all the flags bloom.

Here is my story:

All my growing up years and my mother's as well since she was born not to far from where I was raised, there has been a ditch that ran right through our property. The Uteland ditch was it's official name, and on it's banks were great masses of cat tails and willows where the red winged black birds would nest and every morning I would hear their warbles as they greeted the new day. In the evenings the frogs and crickets battled to be heard, creating a lullaby to sooth mind and soul.

Dragonflies hummed about, the sun glinting off their metallic bodies and shining through their lace wings. The water skeeters would skate about on the surface, their legs leaving tiny dimples in the water. The "seaweed" that grew on the bottom rippled in the current and was lush and green, every year it would bloom with tiny white flowers. I used to drape it over my head for mermaid hair. It always smelled wet and green, but oh so good.

As fall arrived and the cat tails ripened, we would gather the catkins and burst them by hitting them onto the road, they would explode in great silken puffs that swirled in the slightest breeze. Soon the fluff would be everywhere, clinging to clothes, up noses, in eyes, but they were so soft...and extremely flammable. My brother and I would steal the matches and lay out great swathes of the fluff and then quickly light and throw a match on it. It was instant ignition and with a great WHOOFFF and an instant of searing heat, it would all be gone. We're quite lucky we didn't start ourselves on fire given that we were covered in the stuff as well.

Further up the ditch strange vines grew, and in the shallows you could see the silver darts of tiny minnows. I don't recall anyone ever catching fish in the ditch, and I never saw anything larger than a finger.

Down a bit from the house, there was a bend in the ditch, here the bank was weak and a small spring trickled out and watered a glorious grove of Russian Olives, Cottonwoods and Poplars. It was here that I spent much of my youthful summers, with a tent pitched, a bucket of green apples to be eaten with a liberal does of salt and a good book. This was my haven.

Further down, was a tiny swamp, where the water seeped further back and the willows and cattails mingled. One didn't venture to far in for fear of sinking into the black oily mud. Here the Red Winged Blackbirds would nest in mass, the males singing gloriously as they vied for the attention of the females. There also a family of Muskrats lived. I never saw their actual home, but if one sat quietly on the banks and waited patiently, they would casually swim by on their quest for food. Only to disappear at the sound of a blissful sigh.

Even further down, the banks rose up 20 feet on either side where a hill had been cut in half to accommodate the ditch. It was here that the beavers would build their dam every year or so, causing the water to back up and flood the banks and make the bridge that my brother had made further upstream float precariously. I was the one that silently cheered for the beaver, but the ditch was for irrigation, and as soon as the properties downstream would notice the dwindling supply of water, a call would go out. Our neighbors would drive up in a tractor, perhaps hoping that they would be able to use it to pull out the dam, but more often than not, it was so inaccessible that it had to be pulled out by hand.

Several times I followed that ditch all the way to it's end. Grant Hansen's ponds. Perhaps a 10-15 mile treck, I would try to decipher the animal tracks that I saw along the muddy banks. Most often it was cattle, but also deer, raccoon, rabbits and other small creatures.

That ditch was the food and water of my world. It fed my imagination, it filled my soul. Along those banks I was free to be me with no fear of judgment or rejection. I could find solace in the sound of the waters flow as my mind pondered life. It cared for much of what I held most dear. Along it's banks I was never lost. There I always belonged.


Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand Finale Friday

See what I found for your viewing pleasure. Sooo pretty!
You remember how I said that I now love K-mart. Well yeah, they have all sorts of cool polish! There are only two stores near me that carry Milani polish and while you may not be impressed, I am. Keep in mind that I'm new to this nail polish obsession and pretty much everything is new and wonderful to me.
So I stopped by a different K-mart. and they had a display for the new (?) Milani Collection of 3D polishes. Being a sucker for green that I am, I couldn't pass 'Hi-Tech' up. It looks more like a supercharged metallic glitterfest in the bottle, giving no clue as to the fabulousness inside, but once I got home and got it on my nail. Hello holographic hotness!
And it's green! I know you can't see that very well and I'm sorry, I think all that shine is causing some sort of light diffusion to happen with my camera because they're pretty washed out even though I've tried several different settings. So, you'll just have to trust me, it is green.
I'm really excited about the green because in my nail blog surfing most of what I've seen as far as holo's has been in blues and silvers. I love those too, but not like I love green.

So here you are, I hope you enjoy. Milani 3D Holographic in Hi-Tech, 3 coats over Orly's Orlon Basecoat. The formula is perfect, not too thick, not too thin and it applies like a dream, smooth as buttah.

Holy Nail Staining Batman!!

This is a super quick entry to which there is no point but to elicit screams of horror and expressions of sympathy. I actually have a pretty that I want to show off today as my weeks grand finale.

This is how it went down. When I started playing with my Hidden Treasure on test nails I thought how pretty it would be over a nice green. My favorite green is by far Finger Paints 'Guggen I'm Lime'. And on the tester nail it looked great so I had painted my left hand with the Savvy 'Deep Amethyst' with Hidden Treasure and my right with Guggen I'm Lime with Hidden Treasure to show you .
I'm right handed so with my penchant for smearage, lets just say the nails didn't fare well. So I decided to start again and went at it with some nail polish remover... and about had a cardiac. This was with two coats of Orly's Bonder as my base. On my pinky you can see where I tried to file the acrylic to see if it was salvageable. It wasn't, the acrylic would have been paper thin. So a whole new set was in order.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hidden Treasure

Can I just overload you with glowing, fiery goodness?
As mentioned, I finally got my bottle of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure and am all prepared to share it with a figurative sense of course, the real thing,'s mine! My precious!
Um, cough, wow, not sure where that came from.
From the reviews that I'd read, I was knew the predominant color of the flakes in Hidden Treasure are orange and when I was thinking what color would show that off the best, purple was the first to come to mind. Not just any purple, but a deep, juicy, want to smear it all over your toast purple. So I present our backup color, Savvy in Deep Amethyst in three glorious coats.
So I applied two coats of Hidden Treasure and quickly realize that orange may be predominant but there are also flashes of green and gold that create a multi-dimensional glow that reminds me of my favorite semi-precious stone the opal. As far as Hidden Treasure is concerned the colors are reminiscent of the flickering glow deep within the Fire Opal.
Again, I am in love! Did I mention that I was in love?
I cold sit and stare at my nails all day. I'd just walk out into full sun and back inside to see how the light effected the play of the colors.
This is quite a hypnotic, "must stare at it" polish and I love it. Love it, love it love it!
If any of you are still wanting that bottle of Hidden Treasure but have given up hope, I urge you to pick up the search again, it's so worth it. Go check K-mart!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last night we were on our way to grandma's for dinner and I begged my boyfriend to make the side trip to K-mart in horrid, tail end of rush hour traffic at a turn signal that only lasted like three seconds. Talk about a great guy and all the more because it means I finally got my bottle of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure!! After all the places I've looked...K-mart, go figure. It was the last bottle. I think I stared at it for several moments before snatching it up because my brain wouldn't compute that I'd actually found it. I'm so in love with K-mart now.
After I got it I borrowed my daughters nails and tested it on them at a stop light. I didn't think that my polka dot mani would be a worthy base and she had a pale pink on. Sigh, Yes, all the hype was true.
Happy happy joy joy!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random Bits

Berlioz says hi!

First, here is the current mani I'm sporting. I actually got several comments on them today so I'm pretty pleased.

I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Blue Me Away as my base color with a faux-nad plate (courtesy of ebay) and Orly White Tips for the French and Stripe Rite for the yellow stripe.

Then, here is the pedi I'm sporting, I know it looks like I've got a bad shadow, but I actually did a vertical gradient on the big toes.
I used Savvy 'Totally Teal' and LA Girls Disco Brites 'Hustle' as well as a cute little aqua stars that arrived from Dollar Nail Art last night.
Kinda funny, I discovered a con to having a nice pedicure. My naughty puppies decided to dig under the fence and explore the neighborhood, a neighbor brought one of them home but that left one on the run so without even thinking I went out in search. I didn't think about the effect of heat on asphalt/concrete until it was too late, No calluses on your feet means burned feet. I actually have blisters. But what's really important is that the toes look fabulous as I hobble along.

Speaking of Dollar Nail Art, these were also in the package and are making it very difficult for me to keep my polka dot french on. I am dying to try some foils!
I'm going to try and be strong though. I have military duty for the weekend and all of next week so I'm going to keep the current mani until I have to go with the boring.
I dunno though, maybe I can get away with a neutral with the opal swirl over the top.

And finally, I went to Ulta to get the Goth Glam polish set but they were all out. The lady sounded like my daughter as she tried to get me to buy some of the other dark singles instead. "They're the same but different." Ok so I did buy some singles but really, if I'm there to buy something in particular don't give me the but this is practically the same schpiel.
I was actually pretty pleased to buy Ulta products because if you spent $17 and change you got a free makup bag that was an $88 dollar value. Look at all the goodies that were inside!
My thoughts on this deal. "SCORE!!" I don't know how long this is running but it's in my opinion it's well worth the $18 .
Here is a shot from the website, it's the cool colors, I got the warm in the green bag.

Monday, August 2, 2010

QRS Royal Love

Happy Monday all! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I ended up repainting my nails even though I swore I was going to try and go longer than usual with the same mani. But are we really surprised? we're not. Really though, what's the point of having all that beautiful polish if you don't use it?
I had a friend and her teenage daughter over for tea on Saturday and ended up doing their nails. Well, I helped with the daughters by applying the stripes for her zebra print she mostly just had a grand time playing with all my polishes. I did my friends and they turned out pretty cute, so expect to see a super short entry on them.

Anyway, on with the polish! What can I say, I'm on a Q.R.S. kick.
This is Royal Love (which is funny because their Royal Glitter is bright blue). The Blossom Collection goes from the palest of pale pinks to a lovely lavender and despite the inference of the name (Royal=purple in my mind) this color is definitely on the pink side.
I Can't say I'm as fond of this color as I was of News of the Beloved, but it's quite pretty. The formula is the same, semi matte creme that goes on little streaky, shows a little brush stroke but looks good with a top coat. Here I've got two coats.

What do you think of Royal Love?