Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To Suede or Not to Suede-Comparing OPI Ink & Ink Suede

Picture Heavy!

Happy February everyone, can you believe that we've already finished a month?  To quote the great Kermit, "Time's fun when you're having flies".  Ok, ok, enough groaning, I'll get on with the polish.  :)

In the final throes of my birthday money spending I visited Ulta and picked up OPI Ink in the suede finish. I already had the original Ink at home but when I got home and compared the two they look to be two totally different colors. Give me your OPI-nion if you would. 

In the bottle I see the Ink Suede is a lot cooler in tone and a lighter shade of blue, also there is a load of silver shimmer that is not seen in the original which has an almost fuchsia shimmer.  This really came out when I went to do my clean up, the stuff was everywhere and a huge pain to clean off.

For starters I have the suede on all but my ring finger which has regular OPI Ink but then I put a clear coat over the top of the suede on my index finger to see how that changed the dynamics of the color.

This is two coats of each suede and original. I use China Glaze Fast Forward top coat on my ring and index fingers. The suede dried really quickly and I worry about how quickly it will dry in the bottle just from regular use.

You'll notice how while the clear coat over the suede did deepen the color it certainly didn't bring out the deeper purple and fuchsia-y-ness of the original.
Very different no??

So do these look like variations on the same color or two totally different colors ?  In my mind if you're going to have a polish and give it the name of an existing polish only have it be a different should be the same color of the existing polish with a different finish...Is my thought process wrong here?

Now I'm sure you're all looking at my ragged cuticals and having heart palpitations of horror, but I have an excuse, the little tag on the suede stated that (a) The polish wouldn't wear as long as regular polish. (b) Not to use top coats, drying agents or LOTIONS when wearing it. Um, yeah so that's why things look a rough in the pics, I used acetone to do my clean up then just washed with plain water. After the photo shoot my hands were not happy so I broke out the lotion... what's the point in having pretty nails if your hands are ugly anyway?
So there is your side by side comparison of OPI's original and suede Ink.  I hope you found it interesting if not useful.  Thanks so much for reading and have a grand day!


  1. This was fascinating! I love the suede!

  2. I really link ink because is one of my favourite colours but the ink Suede is also very pretty.


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