Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blue and Purple Scrollwork

What a week.  Don't you just love it when it feels like you just spent a lifetime in one week but didn't really accomplish anything?

I finally managed to get a few minutes to paint my nails and chose a couple of colors I'd just brought home.  Both by China Glaze. I decided that I hate trying to use my phone camera, so I begged my sweetie into using his nice one for these.  I hope you like them. 
I used two colors by China Glaze, Want my Bawdy and No Plain Jane  Both are very subtle duo-chromes and I think the colors are amazingly rich and beautiful, having more of a depth to them due to the color shift. 
 The main color is about 4 coats of China Glaze Want my Bawdy on all but my accent nail which is about 4 coats of China Glaze No Plain Jane as well as just a touch of Revlon Orbit (of Moon Candy fame) and a layer of Wet n' Wild Fergie Dutchess to top it off before adding my topcoat. 
 I used black acrylic paint to do the scroll work.  I'm trying to re-learn my control after my long sabbatical from most nail art.  The saying that it's like riding a bicycle is true only to a certain extent, the use it or loose it is far more true and I've lost quite a bit of it.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  Until next time, make it a beautiful day and take care.


  1. Very lovely color combination! your nails are looking very nice, by the way!


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