Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Madam Crimson by QRS

Madam Crimson is a lovely, deep, red, think Miss Scarlet all grown up.

Unfortunately I'm scheduled for gray skys and rain for the next several days (at least it's not snow) so full sun pictures are not likely to happen, but it's a very pretty color and I thought you might enjoy it. .

It does have a tendancy to bring out some ruddyness in my skin but I still like it. This is three/four coats topped with a thick coat of Seche Vite.  Love S.V.  Look at the reflection!

It needed a good mix when I started using it, there were some rather undesirable lumps in the polish when I first started using it that also necessitated a good brush wipe.  An exception rather than a rule for this brand of polish.

Now, I need to solicite some advice from you my readers.  I am slathering on loads of lotion (Curel Intensive, Gold Bond, Aquaphor) as well as my Burt's Bee's cuticle cream but working with fabric and paper and washing my hands frequently because I handle money is just sucking any moisture out of my hands.  My cuticles  are a hot mess and I was so frustrated with them snagging on things and looking so ratty that I broke down and...I hate to admit it, but... I cut them.   Arrrgh, I know, I know.  Bad me!!!  So, any suggestions? (Preferably something I can run to a store to get and isn't too expensive.)


  1. Oh girl I know the feeling with the cuticles! Between the fibre work, the polish remover and cleaning up my 2 year old/hand washing that ensues, wreaks havoc on my cuticles and in the winter I wind up trimming the edges of pointer and thumb especially. I'm also looking for solutions. I'll let you know if I find anything.

    That is a gorgeous red. I find I am really craving more reds and pinks in my collection lately. Also gravitating to sheer layering polishes. Girlie girlie...


  2. Ooh, I've never tried any of the reds from Quirius... this is lovely!
    Are you applying lotion to your hands and massaging it into your cuticle right after EVERY time you wash your hands? If not, that might help.

  3. This might or might not help, but my cuticles have always been i have a body butter type creme that i just dab on my nails and cutices only...then let it just sit while i type or do something else. I don't rub it in for a good ten minutes....


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