Sunday, March 18, 2012

Going Dutch with the Holland Collection

My opinion is that OPI hit a home run with the Holland collection.  I may be a bit bias though, my sister in law is from Holland and she and her family are all just wonderful.  Her brother and I were pen pals for the longest time when I was younger and to this day I hope that one day I'll get to see their beautiful country full of windmills, tulips and wooden shoes.
This color is I Have a Herring Problem. What's funny is that I once had a guy who's last name was Herring who's needy and contradictory behavior caused some problems, so this name made me laugh.  Unlike that guy, this color is a total winner. 
This beautiful greyed out blue with a subtle punch of iridescent shimmer is amazing, the formula is perfect and is almost a one coat wonder.  If you're in a hurry you could easily get away with just one smooth coat, but here I've used two just to keep things even.  Close up pictures you know.  Some of these look as if there were a visible nail line for some reason, but it was not at all apparent in real life.
Application was super easy.  It flowed smoothly from brush to nail and I hardly had any cleanup to worry about.  
I think I've mentioned that I prefer the blues from the spring collections this year and this color is probably my favorite.  Between the very flattering shade, the  ease of application and that little bit of shimmer (love that shimmer!) this is just a win, win in my book. 
Have  you tried any of the polishes from the Holland collection, what about this one and what did you think?  

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