Thursday, March 8, 2012

Technologically Speaking

I am going to admit that I borrowed this look from someone, problem is, I thought I knew who, but when I went back to link, turns out I thought wrong.  So if this is your look that I borrowed, or if you know who, let me know and I will more than happily give credit where credit is due.  :) 
Her look is more precise than mind, Precise is not my middle name, it's...well, we know what it's not.  To make this look I started off by applying 2 coats of China Glaze Electric Beat over all of the nails.  This is a very pretty blue from the Electropop Collection.   I'm preferring the blues and purples from most of the spring collections this year, the pinks are rather plain, and the greens are ho-hum.  This blue reminds me of a spring sky, fresh and clean looking without a trace of gray or muddiness.
I then took OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI and applied it to half the nail of my ring finger, then using a black striping polish I applied it to about a quarter of the outer edges of the nails,  I used  the same polish to draw in the geometric pattern.
I let that dry a bit before trying anything else. 
I then applied the yellow dots using a yellow striper polish (because it's a lot more opaque than regular polish) with a dotting tool down the center and sites. 
I like how it turned out.  How about you? 

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.  Until next time, take care!


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