Friday, May 18, 2012

Boho blue

This is Color Club New Bohemian from the Boho Collection.  I picked this pre-packaged collection up for $7.99 at either Ross Dress for Less or TJ Maxx, I don't remember which. I love it though, where else can you get a collection that would usually be over $20 for that price?  My only issue is that the bottles aren't marked with color names so I have to write them on myself.  The agony of first world problems. :)

This is two to three coats, since it was a little bit sheer I decided to use Wet n' Wild white as a base coat, I figured that would make the color really pop, and I was right, the problem was that the white ended up showing in my cuticle area where I did my clean up, and also the tips.  Way too quickly too, this mani was only a couple of hours old when I took the pictures.  I guess I'm really hard on my nails.  
I love the earthy, very natural colors of this collection.  They are all for the most part very wearable.  Doesn't this color remind you of robin eggs?  Not sure when exactly this collection released, but it is very suitable for spring.
Much love to all of you that are hanging on while I go through a dry spell as far as posts. Stress has not been kind and I've had to cut off all my nails to nubs and most time I'm too busy or tired for polish.  I have a few older pics that haven't been posted yet, and a few new ones coming here and there so don't give up on my yet.  Until next time (whenever that will be) take care. 

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