Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Playing dress up

This great color is Zoya Freja, a black base that's swirled with shimmering gold and bronze.  Beautiful really and perfect for those that love dark vampy shades but not wanting to go all out black. 
I actually did these while on the road without any supplies but my base and color coat, so pardon the lack of cleanup and obviously poor lighting.  Hotel lighting is crap and I didn't see light of day until the second to last day there

I had to go to a conference in Reno Nevada for work and on the last night there was a big gala dinner where I got to dress up. This is the polish I used because it was so perfect with the outfit I'd brought.  With the dark base color and flecks of gold and bronze the polish is much more stunning than these photos show. This was two coats. 

Here is the whole look.  I really rather liked how it all came together. (Excuse the bathroom shot, that's the only full length mirror there was in the hotel room.) 
With the golden, bronze top, the black skirt, and although unseen, fabulous black strappy heels I really felt that the entire look came together really well.  I felt beautiful.  And really, isn't that what it's all about anyway.  Thanks so much for reading and helping me support this little nail blog, I do appreciate you all.  Until next time.  Take care!!

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  1. I like the outfit a lot. I think is the first time I see a picture of you :)


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