Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Lovely Winters Blue

The snow peeked through the clouds today and I dashed into the kitchen (my polish and supplies are all on my kitchen table) to pick a new polish to show you.
Between the weather and the inversion, sun is a hard to come by commodity this time of year so I'm going to save my special polishes for when the sun shines.
Look, blue skies!

This is OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue and you really do gotta get it. It is just beautiful! I love the way it glows, and while it's a cool blue, it's not a cold blue. Does that make sense? It's the only way I can think of putting it so I hope so.
Pardon my cuticles, between holiday cleaning and harsh weather it's hard to keep them pretty.

You should know, I detest the cold, but I love you all so much that I braved the cold so I could take pretty pictures in the snow just for you ;)
See, a pretty snow picture just for you!

So this was two coats of polish over Orly Ridgefiller. The first coat dragged just a bit, but the second coat went on smooth as silk. I love me some OPI!

Hope you all are enjoying yourselves and not going too crazy with the impending holidays. Have a lovely one and until next time, ciao!

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