Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fabulous Flutterbys

Usually I wait a respectable amount of time before I borrow *coughstealcough* anyone elses ideas but when I visited Orlica over at Confessions of a Polishaholic and saw her beautiful Butterfly Wings Tutorial I figured imitation in the sincerest form of flattery and had to recreate the look.

I did mine differently in that I used three different colors of holos for my base color and didn't use a lighter shade to highlight because I didn't want to mess with the prettiness of the holo because it reminds me of the iridescence of a real butterfly's wing.

Aren't they pretty!!!
Yeah, a little heavy on the pictures but oh well.

On the business end, I used Orly Ridgefiller as my base, then Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in Blush Diamond for the pink nails, China Glaze L8R G8R and 2NITE for the green and blue nails. I used my black 2 way nail pen for the lines and white acrylic paint for the dots. (Check it out, the paint's named after yours truely!)

I am totally loving these nails. Thanks so much Orlica for the inspiration!!!


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