Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pretty Pastels

Happy Easter!  I've been so busy but I wanted to take the time to do a sort of themed mani for the occasion.  I love how you can start a mani with one idea in mind and then finish up with something completely different, don't you?
I originally went into this mani with some fun Easter-y nails in mind, polka dots to be specific, I was going to do the lavender dots on a green base and then green on the lavender base.  I got one nail done and it so didn't turn out in life what I had pictured in my mind.   The dots were too big (and they smudged) and they just didn't look right.  So I scrapped that idea.  I still wanted to work with the colors though, so what to do.
I ended up pulling out my french guides and using them to create a fun and colorful french.  Added some itty bitty dots with some acrylic paint and a dotting tool and viola!
Much more to my liking, what do you think??  I got a lot of complements on them at work, I was pretty darn pleased...right up to the point where I broke two nails and chipped most of the others beyond repair. (insert sad face here.)

Colors used,  China Glaze Re-fresh Mint and OPI Done Out in Deco (pink is acrylic paint) Seche Vite top coat.  Both of these colors are amazing to work with but the Re-fresh Mint dries much too fast in the bottle and started getting really thick toward the end.
I must be going through a mind alteration because I'm actually really liking these soft colors.  A big change from my usual bold and dramatic usual choice. Thanks so much for stopping by.  Until next time, take care!


  1. agreed! Purple + green = HAPPY! I like the little pink dots. :)


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