Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Tronica Bandwagon

Initially I was going to sit this one out the because of the "barely there" comments I was seeing about the holo effect of the new Tronica Collection but when my Local Sally's had them on sale 2 for $10 a while back...well, what the heck and picked up four (They only had five colors left).

None of the colors available screamed hello or hallelujah at me but I'd really like to see the rest of the collection before I go forming an all encompassing opinion.  Here I have Digital Dawn on all but the accent finger which is 3D Fantasy. 

I do like them, and yes the holo is very, VERY subtle, even in full sun which I was lucky enough to get a bit of this last week.
The application was pretty average for China Glaze, the polish pretty much putting it's self on my nails.  Clean up...  Well, often with holos I end up feeling like I've had a fairy fart on my fingers, with shimmer in ever groove necessitating several rounds of remover and a good scrub, but this cleaned up quite nicely.  

As I said, I want to personally see the rest of the collection before forming my opinion but first impression is...Meh.  Not terribly impressed but not finding it a fail either.  Have you an opinion on the Tronica Collection?


  1. I just bought Laser Lime and Gamer Glam but haven't had a real chance to sport them yet. I just liked the really particle-y look of the polish in the bottles. And Purple and green are two of my favorite colours. I was hoping to do more tone on tone stamping with them. I like the way digital dawn looks in your pics!


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