Saturday, April 2, 2011

Quirius Kiwi Fruit

So after over a year of unemployment I'm finally back to work.  I found a part time position at my local quilt shop (another of my many hobbies.) and started there this week.  I did the most adorable mani the night before, complete with flowers and lady bugs, but didn't get pictures.  I figured working with fabric couldn't do much damage and  I'd just snap a pic after I got off...  How wrong I was, my nails were totally thrashed, I had to cut off two that day another three went today. :(  But on the happy side, I now have more money for polish!!  YAY!  Since my other mani bit the dust, you get another of my QRS colors, Kiwi Fruit.

I love this color, it borders on neon and makes me think of spring, warm sun and mixed drinks with little umbrellas.  I think this will be a great pool side polish because the darker the complexion the more neon it will appear.  I'm just starting to build up my summer tan so it's not too powerful but it will certainly bling up the darker I get.  (I do understand that tanning is not for everyone, I understand the risks, I'm just a sun worshiper.)

It's just this side shy of being yellow with the tiniest hint of green but a bit far off of actual kiwi green. 

You can probably tell I had a bit of an issue with application.  It was a bit thick and wanted to be on the streaky side.  I think a few drops of thinner would take care of this though so I'll try that next time.  Also please disregard the cat hair that managed to embed it's self on my middle finger and I somehow missed...Ah the joys of pet ownership. 

This is three coats with touch ups.
This is just a plain ol' happy color to me.  I look at these and I can't help but smile.  Happy happy! Do you have a happy color?

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Until next time have a fantabulous one!


  1. I'm loving that color! Yup, neons really pop against darker skin - that's why I'm a little apprehensive about wearing the ones I have.

  2. ONE of my happy colours is Essie Vermillionaire. It's a bright Halloween orange. Also Revlon Royal, and I have a Claire's pink with no name that is like peppermint patty pink.

    Congrats on the job! Oh my I couldn't work in a place like that I'd wind up spending all my monies on craftybits.

    I love the sun too. It's just starting to peek out from behind the winter haze up here. Can't wait for lake season.


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