Saturday, September 24, 2011

L.A.Girl Crackle - Fracture

Rock-or-Not (who apparently doesn't have a blog I can link to) requested the L.A. Girl Crackle.  Given that I haven't really shown you a lot of my crackle polishes, I was happy to comply.

I think that of the brands that I have, L.A. Girl Crackle is one of my favorites.  It seems to have more horizontal and vertical cracks with regular, single direction brush strokes than say OPI Shatters which to me at least seem to only break in the direction of your brush strokes. 
This is a great color too, a nice true purple that my camera wanted to make a bit too blue.  There's just a hint of shimmer to it that keeps it interesting.

To get this look I actually started with one coat of OPI Skull & Glossbones as a base, then I used one coat of the Orly Dazzle.  I had some bald spots, but figured it was okay since I was using the Cracked over it anyway.  Because I wanted a nice slick surface to put the Cracked over (and I didn't want to sit around and wait for things to dry) I used a coat of Seche over the Dazzle.

Once I had deemed my base color dry enough, I used one thick coat of Cracked .  I mean I really loaded up my brush and barely brushed it off at the neck.  It would have dried too quickly and been too sparse if I'd done it any other way. 
I love the contrast between the silver and the purple and I got several comments on it at work too.  One lady said she was going to go buy some she liked it so much.  It's always cool when you have that kind of impact on someone don't you think?

Well, thanks for reading, and thank you Rock-or Not for making the request, until next time, have a great one!


  1. I love mix this silver base + purple crackle :)

  2. lady_flower123: Thank you. I really like it as well, I was actually trying to think of some other combination at first, but this one has such a great contrast and shows off the crackle effect so nicely.


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