Friday, September 30, 2011

A Simple but Sparkly French

Just a simple traditional french manicure to show you today, I did brighten it up a bit with the addition of a shimmery top coat.  
 I've found that the easiest way for me to get a french result isn't to use guides.  Rather I paint just the bare nail tip with a base coat, (OPI Ridgefiller) then white (Wet n' Wild white)
 From there I use a fine wedge brush and pure acetone to create the shape of the smile line that looks best on me.  I like being able to control it from nail to nail, it gives a very natural look to it.
 Once I have the shape how I like it, I go over all of it with a top coat, and depending on the shade it can make it look like a regular french like this one where I used China Glaze Whitecap.
Or if I use a sheer colored or jelly polish it gives the impression of a more perfect "natural" nail.  A much cleaner and consistent look that my natural nails would offer. 
The changing weather is causing my hands to be a little worse for wear, so pardon the cuticles, but hopefully you like the look.  It's very easy to achieve and the look is in my mind really classic. 

There are some nail artists are saying that  the classic french is out of style or not on trend (to put it nicely and usually the say this in conjunction to try and push their new look or design)  I however fail to see how a classic can go out of style, isn't that by definition the meaning of classic, 'timeless'?  I personally think this will be a look that will continue long into the future.  What is your impression of the french, do you think it's outdated?


  1. ♥ it... French Manicures are always sophisticated :)

  2. KimsKie's Nails, I agree, thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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