Monday, November 28, 2011

Blue Nails

I hope each of you had a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.  My little family of three stayed home and I prepared a traditional meal of turkey with all the fixings, which we dined upon in a rather nontraditional way.  We took ourselves into the bedroom and feasted while sitting on the bed and watching Auntie Mame.
The nails that I ended up wearing for the event was a simple yet elegant look.  I took China Glaze Blue Year's Even and applied it to the entire nail.  I have to admit to being a bit of a sucker for a rich, juicy looking blue, and this is certainly that.  The application was straightforward and simple, just two coats to get full coverage, no issues. 
Once Blue Year's Eve had set for a moment I decided to do a swept french.  For this I used another of the China Glaze Let It Snow Collection, Tinsel Town.  This delightful glitter has multi sized glitters and small hexes.  I like the fact that the color feels more industrial than shiny precious metal.  It gives it more depth than just simple "silver glitter" would have.  It's also in a perfect blue tinted clear base that is thick enough to keep the glitter saturation well blended. 
So a swiped Tinsel Town across the tips and down one side of all but my accent nail which got the full treatment.  This was two coats of Tinsel Town and as you can see, coverage is excellent. 
You're seeing this after about a day, I changed my polish the night before Thanksgiving and didn't take pictures until the day after.  That being said, pardon the tip wear.
 This is my first Christmas holiday manicure.  I didn't want it to be too obvious and I think using these two colors succeeded.   Hopefully you my wonderful readers like it as well.  Thank you all so much for stopping by and reading and for the wonderful comments you leave.  I do appreciate knowing that you're out there.  
Until next time, take care. 


  1. This is gorgeous. Can't wait to try a swept French myself

  2. Julia, Thank you, I've been working really hard at getting my natural nails in shape so to speak, it's nice of you to notice.
    Rock-or-not, thanks so much!
    Cat, the look is great and can look so different depending on your color combinations, once you try it you're going to love it, it's a bit more forgiving than a traditional French.


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