Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nails by Revlon

I am totally impressed with these polishes by Revlon, the formula, the application and the absolutely fabulous color!

 To get this look I painted all of my nails with Fierce, which is a stunning silver/purple-fuchsia shimmer.  Then I took Facets of Fuchsia a black tinted base that's loaded with the same purple-fuchsia hexes and glitter and applied it over my ring and index fingers. 
 The colors tied together perfectly and the glitter coat was surprisingly smooth.  Both polishes benefited from a coat of Seche Vite though. 
 I picked both of these polishes up at Ulta for $4.99 if I remember correctly, but you can get these at most stores that have a cosmetic section.  For the cost I think that Revlon is a great polish.  I own several different colors and finishes and have always been very pleased. As far as "store" brands go, I think Revlon would be in my top three. 
Have you tried Revlon polishes and did you like them?  What's your favorite "store" brand.


  1. So pretty! I love your base purple and the topcoat. I'm definitely putting Facets of Fuschia on my wishlist :-)
    My favourite drugstore brand is probably Barry M

  2. My goodness, you matched them up so perfectly! Love this mani!

  3. Thanks rock-or-not!

    Laura, I've never tried Barry M I've never seen it in any of my drugstores. :(

    ABOP Thanks, I think Revlon helped a bit :)


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