Sunday, November 6, 2011

Feels Like Fall

Playing around with my China Glaze Metro polishes again.  This is after a day of at work, so pardon the chip and tip wear. 
 This is three coats each of Brownstone and Trendsetter.  It's a rather unexpected combination but I think it works.
 Brownstone is a delicious, red brick creme that dries darker on the nail than what showed in the bottle, while Trendsetter is goldenrod with a touch of olive green and is packed with shimmer.  It dries fairly true to the bottle color.
 Brownstone is super thick and rather streaky which necessitated the three coats.  Trendsetter wasn't as thick but the third coat helped make the color more dense and richer.
I am so in love with the Metro collection.  I'm sure you're all rather sick of it but I just adore it.  Thanks all for putting up with my gushing over it.  I appreciate all of you and your comments, Until next time (when I have something other than a Metro polish) take care!


  1. Can's say I would have though of this combo myswelf, but it looks fantastic.

  2. It works wonderfully, great combination

  3. I really like this combo on you! I tried Trendsetter on me and it looked like baby poop - sorry to be "graphic" but that is the only way to describe it on me. lol

  4. Cat, It seems a little off, but it still works I think. If I hadn't done it myself I probably wouldn't have though of it on someone else. It's fun to do the unexpected though.
    Hermetic, thanks, I'm glad you like it.
    The Lacquered Lady, I can appreciate all too well your graphic description. :) It made me laugh. It's one of those colors best done in small doses. I don't think I could swing a whole look with it.


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