Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Panda

*Grrr, Blogger is giving me fits today, I can't get my photos to load properly, so sorry if this is all wonky.*

I can't think of anyone that doesn't look at a panda and go "awwww".  They're just so darn adorable and they make adorable nail art as well. 
I picked up these nail stickers a last fall I believe.  I wanted a back color that would really play up the black and white and thought that red would be just perfect. 
OMB is a Nicole by OPI color and it's a really lovely, warm, shimmering red.  This was two coats. The application was nice and smooth.  I really like the formula of these, but their colors usually don't seem to be anything unique.  I have similar colors in my collection already and don't feel the need to duplicate, so don't usually purchase this brand. 
I did have a bit of a problem with the stickers, they are a lot thicker and stiffer than most, they literally crackled as I pushed them down to try and get them to conform to my nail shape.  Unfortunately that didn't work and they lifted significantly.  To remedy that I applied a gel top coat  This worked pretty well, I still had a bit of a poky part but it was tolerable until I smacked my finger into something and as you can see ended up with a big crack.  Lucky for me it didn't crack the nail, just the top coat, but I know it looks a little odd.   

I would have liked this to last a bit longer, but between the rough part and the crack, it only made it for two days.  Sad panda.


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