Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Pretty Pain

I have a handful of Ulta polishes and for the most part have been pretty happy with them.  This one is an exception.  This is Ulta Chic Peek

For starters, while the application of this polish was great, it did not wear well at all.  The wear you're seeing on the tips is after just one day and I didn't even go to work.  By the end of day two it was a ratty mess.

Also, notice the nicks and dents?  This polish did NOT want to dry!  You've heard of quick drying polishes, this was a slow one.  After 20 minutes with about 5 of those being in front of a fan, it was still super tacky to the touch so I put some Seche Vite over the top, later that evening I was still able to dent it.  Not a happy camper.

Now I know that it could be  a base coat/top coat issue, so I'm willing to give it another go to see if those changes make a difference, if it's a body chemistry thing I'm out of luck.

The color is nice, I actually have an eyeshadow just this shade and shimmer that I love, I was hoping to have a coordinated look with nails and eyes but I don't think I'll be wearing this polish that often. 

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  1. I tried this polish recently as well and did not have problems. Although I have the new bottle version. Not sure if they changed the formula at all when the changed the bottles. It is such a pretty color :)

  2. That really sucks because it is really a pretty color!

  3. Anutka, I'm going to try the different base coat/top coats to see if that helps, if not, I may go look for the new bottle because I really do like the color.

    Nail Reflections, Amen to that, I hate it when I like a color and it doesn't like me.


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