Saturday, January 28, 2012

My History with Purple

When I was much much younger I had a passionate love affair with the color purple.  I don't want to date myself, but this was back when one piece jumpsuits with MC Hammer pants were "in".  I had one in a satiny purple and white floral.  And velvet, oh la la, they say it's a royal color, well, I had enough purple velvet to qualify for queen of the world.  I loved purple.
Can you see the fuchsia?

Over the years I have much improved fashion taste and have cut back to zero jumpsuits and only a couple velvet pieces here and there, the love for purple remains though.  I prefer the rich, deep shades over the lighter ones so when I saw Sexy Divide by Essie, I knew it had to be mine.
Excuse the tip wear, this was after a day at work.
This has a gorgeous shimmer to it that upon very close inspection has hints of fuchsia that doesn't actually show up as a color outright but adds to the depth.  It  was actually a lot more sheer on the nail than it seemed in the bottle so it took anywhere from three to four coats to get the color saturation that I wanted, but it was well worth it. 
It's more of a warm purple and in full sun this color just glows while in shade it deepens considerably.  What's more, this has the fiance's approval.  After I'd done my nails he pulled my hand up to study them and said "This is a good color, I like them.  You should dye your hair this color." (We'd been talking about me dying my hair and were pondering color options.)
Gratuitous close up shot.
 So what color had you had a long term relationship with?


  1. I like how he suggested that you dye your hair that colour! :D
    Gorgeous purple!!
    I adore blue!! Especially light blue! But I love a lot of other colours as well, including purple (a love of mine since I was a child ^-^).

  2. Lovely blog u have :) I am your new follower!
    Check out mine when you have time:

  3. Lovely color! I've had a passionate love for purple ever since I was 3 years old, so I can relate. I might just go buy the polish for myself :)


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