Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Peek Into My Polish Collection - Yellows and Oranges

Hello lovelys, onto another gaze at my certifiable polish collection no doubt.   Today we're doing yellows and oranges, "Oh My!"
I actually hide one of my eldest polishes in here, a lovely pumpkin orange from Wet n' Wild that flits about as if she were the matriarch of the collection.  Well, really she is, but we try not to let on too much,  The moment you favor one, the next will forget to put her lid on and will fall to the white carpet below.

I never really thought of yellows being my color until Sally Hansen Salon formula introduced me to Yellow Kitty.  A soft little gem of pale, pure, yellow that purrs her way into your nails while you stand and protest "no, I don't do yellow!"  But within moments your pulled in by the way it glides on, the color so soft and unassuming.  You're left with a moment of clarity in which you realize your nails are yellow, but you don't care.  But I digress

Over time I've become well rounded and no it's not the pastries! immune if you will to the dulcet tones of nail polish.  They are seductresses, teases and they wheedle their way into your collection in a most tawdry fashion.  I like it!  I do!
However, yellows are difficult to come by in an acceptable formula and I feel I can be selective on the oranges and so I maintain a medium of control with a mere 20 yellows and 41 orange.

So, where do the yellows and oranges stand in your collection?  Bring them out and leave a link for us to see and we'll stop by to take a peek.

Until next time my lovely ladies.  Make it a wonderful day.

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