Monday, November 19, 2012

Mother the Dragon & Daughter the Siren Nails

How about a bit of nail art for a change?  Just to make sure I can still do it.  You're in for a real treat with this post, because first you get to see my daughters beautiful nails.  She has such amazing nailbeds and her nails    grow so fast it's almost not fair at all.  Here she is sporting Red-ical Gypsy from the Color Club Boho Collection.  A sexy crimson Red jelly/creme, it is made all the more amazing with the addition of hand placed gold flakes on the accent nail and thumb.

 Moms nails were going for a little more, how shall we say "scaly" look. Using China Glaze Argo with the New Bohemian Unpredictable.  Add some stray gold flakes and a bit of acrylic paint for some scales and I had a fabulous dragon look courtesy of a fellow laquirista on a site I follow..Once I dig up all my favorites I will give proper credit. 

 Here is our tender moment of mother daughter nails.  We have quite different tastes but at least they break down into polish.  It's just another thing that I have to bond with her over and it makes me quite happy indeed. 
So what ways does polish bring your family together.  Post about your mommy daughter, father daughter, sisters and what not polish parties and come back and let us know all about them.  I may have a little something of a drawing for the participants.. 

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