Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blues rather than Purples, Nugets rather than Flakes

I was going through my photo library and saw a few pictures that haven't been posted yet. 

These pictures were the bane of my morning while I tried and tried to get the purple to come out so the photos would be polish exact.  Well no luck there.

 So instead of a beautiful purple polish of pure amazement that is Tomorrow Never Dies, you get the blue version.  But trust me, it's purple, yes it has a blue flash, but nothing like this.  If I knew the first thing about color manipulation I would have made it color accurate but oh well, it's still really pretty.

 I took pictures a couple of days after the initial manicure so needed a way to cover up the tip wear, for that I used Orly Space Cadet from the Cosmic FX line.  It worked out quite well across the tips of the nails with some accent hexes. 

 The accent nail was a bit more fun.  I started with a couple of coats of GoldenEye then hand placed some hexes in the lower corner before covering it all with a top coat.  I wasn't done though.  I took a sponge and some Wet 'n Wild Black Cream and very lightly touched the cold. the end results resembles a gold nugget you'd pull out of the ground 
Until next time my loverlies.  Take Care!


  1. Gorgeous! My cameras all turn pretty purple/blurples to blue....argh! I can see a bit of purple flash on your thumb in the pic, though!

  2. You are wonderful. I love your blog. I will make publicity for you at my facebook page Make up and beauty by Alice .


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