Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hooray for the Red White and Blue!

This year is screaming by! Can you believe that it will be the Fourth of July in just a few short days? Me neither.

In the spirit of fun I suggested having a Fourth of July nail challenge to the Painted Ladies group on Ravelry. Ashley of I Enjoy Being a Girl graciously agreed to sponsor the event complete with a winner takes all prize. Fun Fun!!

Honestly, I can't count how many times I removed and reapplied polish to settle on the look I have now. I actually started going for something a lot more difficult. (Epic fail there for a beginner) then finally pared it down to the basics.

The challenge allows you to submit as many different looks as you like but I don't know if I'll have the fortitude to try another look on myself...maybe the daughter. But here it is.

Used: Orly 'Platinum' (white), Pure Ice 'Celestial' topped with 'Strapless' (blue), Sinful Colors 'Merlot' (red) and Stripe Rite Silver.


  1. well done! that stripe right really gives it that finishing touch. i think i may have to try some!

  2. Wonderful job! Thanks for the shout out and thank you for participating in the challenge! I tried out the Stripe Rite paint and the formula always dries out on me. But I have tried the new Sinful Colors nail art paints and I am impressed with the formula, because I have not always liked Sinful Color's forumla. I even sent my old bottles off to the Zoya Exchange. But the new formulation is pretty nice.

  3. Thanks for the comments!
    Ashley, the stripe rite dries out on me too but I just add a few drops of polish thinner and it takes care of it.
    Since I'm just now getting into all things nails I don't think I encountered the old formula of Sinful Colors but I'm loving it now and the price is right too!


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