Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How I did Cheetah Nails (a tutorial)

I'm more than a little proud on how Alayssa's cheetah nails turned out. So I can remember how I did them, I decided to do a tutorial of sorts.
Here are all of the supplies I used except for the base coat (Orly) that somehow didn't make it into the pic.

Allrighty then, let's begin. After I applied a base coat (Orly) I painted the entire nail yellow (Pure Ice 'Unzip Me') with two coats and let dry.
Then I took a makeup sponge and painted a corner with gold (Orly 'Glitz') then gently tapped it onto the top half of the nail to blend.
Using the same sponge method I took a copper color (Cover Girl Boundless Color 'Perfect Penny') and blended it onto just the tip. This finishes the main coat of your cheetah, now to move onto the spots.

Using a brown (China Glaze 'Unplugged) I just dotted irregular spots onto the nail making sure to vary the sizes and not make it too even

Then, using black acrylic paint and my dotting tool I added the black outline on the spots as well as a few "blank" spots. For the most part I did three irregular outlines around each spot, I feel this gives it a more realistic look. Make sure you let the paint dry before you apply the topcoat otherwise you'll get smudging.

And here is the finished product. Don't forget to use a good topcoat (Orly) I used two coats, the first I applied with a light touch to keep from smearing the acrylic paint and the latter just to smooth things out and give a more finished appearance.
Clean up any oopsies with a q'tip dipped in acetone (I forgot that step for the picture) and the inner animal is out!

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