Friday, June 4, 2010

I'm feeling less than stellar today, I think it may be that headache from yesterday that keeps sending out little reminders that it's still there.
Aside from making waffles for brunch I haven't accomplished much of anything. I did make a most wonderful berry syrup to go on the waffles though.
Lewis and I have spent a lovely evening watching Dr. Who while I treated myself to a root beer float. I really should limit my dairy intake but I just couldn't help myself. There is just something about creamy root beer.
I did my toes and nails. Since I have my military weekend I've kept the nails nice and boring, but the toe nails... I have blue pinky toes, then green, then purple, bright pink and last but not least, bright orange big toes. I love having bright and happy toes during the spring and summer. Even more so in the winter. I had to do a few to many coats of orange though, it's taking forever to dry. I'm hoping I won't wake up with sheet prints.

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