Sunday, June 27, 2010

Update for June 27th

So, here's the low down on the down low.

Yesterday we had our first bbq of the year. Invited a lot of people, some were great and told use straight up that they couldn't make it, others didn't say anything at all and some said "great, we'll be there". So you know how many people showed up? (We were planing on 15 to 18 people) THREE! I kid you not. Of the people that didn't show only two bothered to let me know. I can't believe the rudeness of people for not even giving us the common courtesy of letting us know they wouldn't make it.
I mean really, how hard would it be to do a quick face book text, phone text even, I don't require phone calls or excuses, just don't make me go out and spend a lot of money on food that no one is going to be here to eat. *Fuming*

To bring the glass to half full, we're having Lewis' wonderful chili burgers for dinner, there's sweet tea in the fridge and I discovered that brats when cooked with onions and dos equis are really good. We have enough root beer and vanilla ice cream to make root beer floats for a month, oh and there's a lovely glass of fruity, red sangria sitting on the table with me at the moment, to me it's a deep red glass of sunshine.

In other news, I'm now a moderator on Ravelry for the Proud to be 12 Inches group. If you knit or crochet come by! I'm currently working on color themes to be voted on by the members. I like the idea of themes because I'm not picking out colors, rather asking what people think of in relation to the theme and letting their creative energy flow.
We're offering three options per month for the members to vote on. July is a done deal (pinks and purples). So for August so far I have a picnic theme. Did you know that in August there are three picnic related national holidays? Watermelon Day is the 3rd, S'mores Day is the 10th and Marshmallow Toasting Day is the 30th. Yummy!
My second option is Days of Summer (I always think of dark blues and greens with bright yellow). I'm still working on the third option. Suggestions?

As I type (very carefully mind you) I'm working on a new manicure which will be super cute I hope. It's got a bit more pink than I'm used to wearing but I actually tried it on my toes last week and it turned out pretty good. It's fun for me to try to achieve a look and figure out the best way to do it via trial and error. That way I can duplicate it easily should I choose to do it again.
Since I rarely do my fingers and toes the same way I'm still trying to figure out how do do my pedicure. I've been working on a look with peacock feathers but I don't think it will work for my squat, wittle toe nails. First things first though and a good soak, exfoliate and moisturize is in order. Summer is rather rough on my feet since I seldom wear shoes. I should be kinder to my feet.

Well I think that's about it for now. Nothing more to report. I'm off to accomplish the next step in my manicure. Ciao and blessed be.


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