Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Man-icure

Well, pedicure actually, but man-icure was a much catchier title.

Lewis, the beloved boyfriend actually loves it when I give him pedicures. He finds them very relaxing (he's actually fallen asleep on me a few times.) The good ones go the full nine yards, the soak, sloughing cream, lotion, the works. But if he's looking a little shoddy I'm not above a quick and dirty.
One of the things that I love about him is the fact that he's got no problem with me putting a lick of polish on his toes. He actually thinks it's pretty cool and will get involved in the color selection to the point that I've gotten polish with him specifically in mind.
Metallic gold polish with gold glitter was the most flamboyant we've gotten, usually we stay in the dark colors, blues, black/grays and some greens.
Since my success with Alayssa's cheetah nails I've been wanting to try some different looks using the same technique. Lewis was kind enough to be my guinea pig and here are the results.

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