Monday, December 12, 2011

One Brand, Two Names, One Color.

How often have you run into a brand that puts out the same color twice in the same year but under a different name?   Kiss Me Mistletoe is from the Color Club Scent-suous Holiday Collection and is exclusive to Sally Beauty.  They also have the Foiled line that has Perfect Mol-Ten.  The only difference is that Kiss Me Mistletoe makes your nails smell like a Christmas tree for about 12 hours. 
 I used Kiss Me Mistletoe on my pinky, middle finger and thumb, Perfectly molten on my ring and index finger.  There is absolutely no difference in the color either in the bottle or on the nail. 
 Neither one of these polishes wore well either, this is after one day which, where I work, is notoriously hard on nail polish, but still this wear is a bit extreme by my standards.
 The polish is pretty, but nothing spectacular, I'm almost disappointed to have spent the money on the two of them.  I didn't care for the application as it was streaky on both of them.  I do like the smell of Kiss Me Mistletoe, it really is reminiscent of Christmas Trees, (or mistletoe, I just don't know what mistletoe smells like).  The scent is short lived though, only lasting for about 12 hours at most.
In the realm of take it or leave it, I would leave both of these "colors"  behind.  I think that Color Club should have changed one of them at least a bit color wise before putting it out there as a new color.  Sorry, but in my opinion, adding a  scent doesn't count.  Overall you may color me unimpressed. 


  1. I really like this mani! Bummer that the green Color Clubs didn't wear very well on you. I think its a very pretty color though, I have the Mistletoe one so I definitely will not be getting the other. The scent is quite good though, don't think there are any other pine scented nail polishes out there!

  2. At least they have the option for unscented polish. I couldn't stand having my nails wafting fragrance all day, lol!

  3. Rock-or-not, Thanks!
    Jacqui, I think you're right, there aren't any other Christmas tree scented polishes out there. We'll chalk it us as a fun novelty.
    Ashesela, It does seem that it would clash with whatever fragrance you chose for the day, but the smell isn't terribly strong and is rather fun while it lasts.


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