Friday, December 16, 2011

OPI - Waka Waka

I'm having writers cramp at the moment and can't come up with anything terribly interesting about this polish.  So rather than strain my brain I'm going to stick with the basics and call it good.
 Wocka Wocka is from OPI's Muppet Collection which I pretty much love.  I have to admit that I could never figure out why Fozzie Bear always said Wocka Wocka Wocka!
 This is a warm toned red shimmer that is so festive and Christmasy to me that it's seems perfect for adding a bit of holiday cheer to my nails. 
 It's a little on the sheer side as you can see, I've got two coats on and you can see a hint of visible nail line.  Three coats would probably take care of this, but I was too lazy and called it good at two. 
The formula is great, no streaking or dragging and this was the easiest I've had a polish go on in a long time.  These pictures are without any cleanup it went on that easy!  It also has a nice shine, I don't have a top coat in any of these pictures. 

Sorry to be  a bit of a bore on this entry, thanks so much for stopping by and reading, until next time, take care!


  1. This is a nice red; I like the shimmer in it. :D

  2. Ashesela, Thanks, I got this one mostly because it was part of the Muppet Collection rather than me liking it, but once I got it on I really liked it and was glad I did.

  3. I love a good red, and the muppet collection is awesome! Thanks for swatching this one! Oh, I tried your white gradient mani this week and love it! Thx!

  4. Gottwinkies, Looooove the Muppet Collection, which is your favorite? I think mine is Gettin' Miss Piggy With It in the glitters and Warm and Fozzie in the shimmers.
    So glad you tried one of my mani's and liked it!


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