Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sun Worshiper

I am a first rate sun worshiper.  Even with all of the warnings and scares I still go out without sunscreen, and bliss for me can be found in the cold, plexiglass embrace of the tanning bed  I am aware that I take my life to my own by practicing this behavior and there are those that feel just as strongly against such behavior as I do for.  To each their own.
When China Glaze came out with Sun Worshiper I admit that it was the name that was more the draw than the color.
 Unfortunately the color isn't that flattering on me, bringing out a lot of red in my skin.  It also seemed to take longer to dry than the Orange Knockout.  This is four coats and as you can see I still have a visible nail line.
 I managed to ding my index finger before I took pictures, hence the strategic thumb placement.  I just love the satin finish on these polishes, it's so flattering with these neon adding a bit of softness to what could be a rather jarring color.    
 While it's not my favorite I still love this color, I know it's hugely popular with others as well.  It is a great summery polish don't you think?

I have one  of my Kleancolor glitters in mind for dressing it up a bit so stay tuned and I'll see you back here.  Until then, take care!


  1. I saw this colour on sale for £1.20 was the first time I saw a china glaze on sale for that price. I guess was not a popular colour here.Even more surprised I end up not buying it. I like it on your nails but I think if I had it I wouldn't wear it often:)I have barry m lemon I/c which is a yellow and I rarely use it, but I read somewhere yellow is going to be on trend.

  2. This is soooooo Stinkin bright! FWEEEE! :D Where are my shades?


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