Monday, July 11, 2011

Shimmer and Sparkle

Rather than take off my China Glaze Light as Air and OPI Steady as She Rose comparison I just finished up my right hand and went for some of my new Kleancolor pretties to add some bling.

I really like how this turned out, and am pretty bummed that my pictures don't show the lovely holo glow very well.  I used two coats of the the Chunky Holo Purple which is a great lavender holo glitter that flashes orange in a clear, purple touched base.  I then  added some diamond shaped glitter in a fun, bright green and Orly's Sec n' Dry top coat.

The formula for Kleancolor seems very thick compared to most glitter polishes but not in a sticky, goopy way.  The best way I can describe the consistency is a really thick syrup.  It has a very distinct smell too, not harsh, makes you want to cough if you inhale to deeply the way most polishes do, but a rather plastic-y smell that's hard to describe. 
I really like how this turned out and so far love Kleancolor.  Have you tried their polish yet?  I ordered it directly from Keancolor and they're very reasonable at less than $4usd a bottle.  Well worth it in my book.  
Until next time, take care.  


  1. I have NOT tried their polish, but I have wanted to-so affordable, it could be dangerous! LOL. I love the diamond-shaped glitter, that is a fabulous accent!

  2. I ordered some from just the other day. They're much cheaper there.

  3. I love the diamond shape glitter:)

  4. I tagged you! "Where do I store my cosmetics?"


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