Friday, July 15, 2011


Hi everyone!  Guess what, I'm on vacation!!  I'm visiting my friend in Venice Beach California again this year, one block away from the  beach!  Let me tell you, my glaring white skin is a dead giveaway to my being a tourist.  I'm so excited to be here.  Since I didn't know if I'd have time for polish changes I put together some posts to keep things entertaining around here.  I may pop in with some vaca pics or news though.

Here I'm dressing up China Glaze Sun Worshiper with some Kleancolor.
 This is Golden Nirvana.  It's a mixture of large and small silver holo hexes with a fine silver glitter suspended in a lovely, thick, orange tinted base. 
 The orange tint isn't quite saturated enough to be a jelly, but it is enough to have deepened up Sun Worshiper significantly giving it almost the same color as oranges you buy at the store.  Mmmm, doesn't it just look juicy and good!
 The formula for Kleancolor is very thick, almost syrupy but by no means goopy or difficult.  In fact it dried very smooth and nice without the addition of a top coat.  If only all glitter polishes were so good when dry.
 I am totally in love with the formula and although I only purchased the glitters and holo's I'm planning on purchasing some of their regular polishes as well to see if the formula for them is as impressive.
I just "slapped" it on without messing with placement on the hexes, hence more on some nails than others.  I really like the way it looks. 
So you all have a lovely one and take care, I'll think of you while enjoying the sun and sand of the beach.  Ta!

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  1. I love the little sparkles in it!! :0 great Blog im your new follower,hope you'll follow back


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