Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cosmetic Arts - No Name Green

I love this green, it makes me think of tart, juicy Granny Smith apples which makes me think of yummy apple pie full of cinnamon and sugar.  Yum!

I picked this, and a couple of other colors of the same brand, up at Ross Dress for Less for $1.99.  Not a bad deal. I love Ross. 

Since Cosmetic Arts didn't see fit to name their polish I have decided to put my own name on it.  I just can't decide between plain old Granny Smith Green or I'm Not Your Average Granny, Ms. Smith.  Ok ok, you can stop the collective groaning.

My pics all show a top coat over about three or four coats as I was trying to smooth out some streaking issues, but the actual finish on this is a nice satin like China Glaze Sun Worshiper and Orange Knockout. 

Unfortunatly I think it's that finish that lends to the streaking, as I've had the same issue with the two CG polishes above.  I think it's because the surface dries to the satin finish really quickly while the under layer remains wet.  It's just a theory but it stands to reason in my mind. 

I wonder why some polish lines don't name their polishes, this line doesn't even assign a number.  I think it would be so fun to come up with polish names don't you?  Well, until next time, have a lovely one!


  1. Such a pretty color, i love the satin finish in Orange Knockout i think this polish name should be "I'm Not Your Average Granny, Ms. Smith" i think i'm adding this to my lemming list.

  2. Ooh that's gorgeous! Such a fresh colour.


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