Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Even Martha Does It

I admit to being the hugest Martha Stewart fan, I mean I seriously adore the woman.  For those of you who don't subscribe to Living, browse though it when you go through the check stand next.  There's an article called Noteworthy Nails.  With suggestions from Deborah Lippman one breaking  into bright colors for summer and  five step at-home mani/pedi with tips from Kimmie Kyees.
 It also comments on how Martha uses two natural shades to create a custom look for her fingernails (looks better on tv,) while reserving color for her toes.  Call me crazy, but the thought that Martha is rockin' some bright color on her toes just makes her that much cooler to me.  

Sorry I've been lacking on posts as of late, I've been under a lot of stress from school and military.  I've been going around with ratty, unpainted nails for about a week.  Hopefully things are on the upswing though so I can have a bit of me time.  I have picked up some new shades so will get a post out about them as soon as I take pics.

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