Monday, June 20, 2011

Pirate Pants

For the life of me I can't find the post with them to get specifics for you but I recently saw someone wearing one of the new nail treatments that had a white base with gold stripes that I could swear had bamboo in the name. (Can someone help me with this, I've done every search I can think of and nothing is coming up)
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do in some alternate colors sooo. . .
On my left hand I used Steady as She Rose as the base color, took thin strips of painters tape and placed them as evenly across my nail as possible then went over that with two coats of Mermaids Tears.

On my right hand I did the same thing but used Mermaids Tears as my base coat and went over them with Steady as She Rose.

It's a silly post title I know, but they remind me of the stripped pants they always portray pirates as wearing, hence the name.  Do you see it or am I up in the night?


  1. I LOVE this, LOL! And pirate pants makes total sense to me...I think I remember the mani you are talking about because I love plant/leaf anything. I thought it was done with an old bundlemonster stamping plate, not the new ones.Great color combo!

  2. oooh so pretty! Love it :) I think it looks great with it not on all your nails!

  3. I love nail art with strips looks fresh and cute:)

  4. Em, Thanks, I thought doing all the nails would be just a wee bit of overkill. Glad you like it.


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