Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Red-Brandt by Finger Paints

I think I've displeased the Nail Polish Gods, I've painted my nails I can't count how many times in the last day and each time I would get them done I would ding them before I got pictures.  We're talking within second of putting the cap on the polish.
The first couple of times I removed the polish and started again but after repeating this a couple of times, on the same fingers no less, I threw in the towel.  It was pretty late when I got this on last night and even then they weren't perfect.  Taking pictures was the last thing on my mind, so you get these the day after, and after work, so pardon the tip wear.
Red-Brandt is a red polish with a nice bit of shimmer, it unfortunately cause me quite a bit of angst.  I hope I just got a bad bottle, because I've not had an issue with Finger Paints in the past, but this formula was just horrid!  It was all at once thin and streaky and thick and gunk even after a good shake
This is three coats and thankfully the pictures don't show the irregularity to it.   I've never encountered such bad streaking that carried through each coat. 
Based off of past experience with this brand I feel this is an exception rather than the rule unless they've drastically changed their formula recently.  I do like the color though.  If you can find a bottle from a good batch I'd recommend it.  
Hopefully this is the worst of my polish issues and I can get on the upswing.  I still need to post my recent purchases.  I think I'll do that next in hopes that the Polish Gods are forgetful :-)


  1. I also like the colour a shame for the formula.

  2. HAHA Red-brandt. :P fantastic!

  3. Ahhh so annoying when you just keep smudging nails. I go through stages where I just can't seem to get my polish right and constantly smudge. I think it's because I'm too impatient ... and I think "maybe it's dry now .. I should be okay to unload the dishwasher or go to the toilet" and then it's smudge city :(

  4. Kristyb, it really is great, just wish it went on better. :( Thanks for commenting.

    Em, Isn't it though. I wanted to just slam my head on the table. I think sometimes I'm too impatient too, I want to get my cuticles pretty (or as pretty as they can be) and take pictures before anything bad happens...HA! I should know better.


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