Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Adding Stripes

I wanted to add an additional element to my acrylic paint mani.  I thought that it would offer a great background for some stripes.

I wanted to keep the acrylic paint theme going though.  I thought that black would be too harsh but didn't have a dark brown so I blended my own using a lighter brown with a bit of black and then added some of the dark copper to give it just a bit of the metallic effect, not a lot though.

I already had a clear top coat over so didn't stress over messing up knowing I'd be able to wipe it off if I didn't like it.  My mixture came out a little muddier than I would have liked but it worked.

From there is was just a matter of painting on the stripes, I alternated them originating from one edges then the other and did some small "floater" stripes as well.

On the ring finger I added just a tiny sift of a gold holo glitter.  I wish I had put it under the stripes rather than over though.

I finished it all off with a clear top coat.  It gave the whole look a very African/safari feel which I just love!  My middle finger turned out the best.  Can't you just see the tiger slinking through the tall grass?  Watch out, it may get you!


  1. Wow! great job on the stripes girl! Very safari!

  2. Zapraszam na moje rozdanie!!!!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! By the way, just responded to your comment (my computer has been down). Please feel free to link! Thanks :)


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