Monday, August 22, 2011

Congeniality is My Middle Name.

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Ok, you know I had to do it at some point so better to just get it out of the way first thing.  Seriously though, I could totally see Sandra Bullock rocking OPI's Congeniality is My Middle Name. 
Meanwhile, I'm totally rocking it.  I'm really glad that I took my unopenable bottle back and got a new one because I really love the color.  While this bottle doesn't seem as bad, it still has a lot of the separation of the shimmer from the base color as you can see in the photos.  I didn't have the bubble problem I thought I would from all the shaking to mix it up though, so that's good. 

Congeniality is My Middle Name is a lovely, OPI describes it as a "berry-wine shimmer"  The shimmer is lovely with hints of fuchsia and purple that glow under full sun.  In the shade the color turns a deep Merlot that is very sexy and elegant.
This was the thinnest of all of the polishes in the collection and goes on a lot lighter/brighter than the bottle color.  It took me four coats to get the coverage and depth of color that I was happy with. It dried fairly quickly though so it wasn't all that bad.  I did however, finish it off with a top coat of Seche Vite for added durability and shine
This is one of those great colors that I think will look equally good on long nails as it does on short.  The shimmer keeps it from being too vampy on long nails, while the depth and richness of the color makes it exceptionally flattering for shorter nails.
I'm going to have to put this as my third favorite of the collection, coming in behind It's My Year and Swimsuit...Nailed It!

So, one more from this collection and we're done.  Hope you aren't sick of it yet.  This really is a great one, I'd recommend it to anyone who can get their hands on it. 

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