Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Peachy Tutorial - Pic heavy

Thanks everyone for your comments on my Just Peachy mani.  I had a request for a tutorial so figured I'd give it a go.  Lets start with the supplies you'll need.

Acrylic paint, I used three but you can easily just use two, a peach and a darker orange.

A light, medium and dark green and a brown acrylic paint.

Nail color of your choice, a top coat and a couple of brushes, one needs to be very fine (I trimmed mine down myself)  Not shown  is either a glitter polish or loose glitter, and it's also helpful to have a small pallet, a paper towel, and a small container of water
Ok, now that we have our supplies we can get started.

Paint your nail the base color of your choice and let it dry completely, that way if you mess up you can wipe the acrylic off without smudging your base color.  (Hint: a damp cotton swap is better than a dry method for getting off any glitches that might occur with acrylic paint.)
 Is your varnish dry? Ok moving on.

On your pallet put a drop of each green and the brown

With the brown, do a rough sketch of a branch.

Starting with the lightest green, daub in leaves, no need to be pretty or exact, the messier it looks the better.

Do the same with the medium and dark green.  Go easy on the dark, we're going to use it for drawn in leaves later and want to make sure they stand out.

Ok, now let the acrylic paint dry and do a top coat before we move on to the peaches.
On a clean section of your pallet put a drop each of the light, medium and dark color for your peaches.

On the nail, use your lightest color to block in your basic shape for the peaches, they're basically hearts that have one half a little bigger than the other. The size and amount is up to you.

Once you get that basic shape blocked in, take your fine liner brush and outline them with the darkest shade, make sure you bring that center line down in a curve to give the peach it's "seam".  I also like to take the brush tip and bring that darker color into the peach a bit more to give the effect of shading.

This step isn't required, it just adds some more dimension, take the medium color and do a little 'C' curve on one side.  It just highlights it a bit.

Then it's time to add your leaves.  I used the darkest green and drew in the outline and a hint of a center vein on the larger ones and just did a little line for the smaller ones.  By applying more pressure at the brush tip and easing up as you pull the brush away you get a leaf shape,

That wasn't so hard was it?  Your peaches are done and they look great!  Lets let them dry a bit before moving on to the next and final step.  Ok ready?

I didn't want glitter on my peaches, just around them so I painted my top coat around them then sprinkled a light coat of loose glitter.  I made sure to tap and blow  off any stray bits that I got where I didn't want them. Alternately, you could use a glitter polish around the peaches, which is what I did for my first version of this look. 
 And finally!!!!

Top everything with a clear top coat and you're done!  It's lovely, wait until your nails are perfectly dry and give yourself a pat on the back!!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, If you try this I'd love to see your version, so stop by and leave me a link.  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.  Until next time, take care!


  1. So talented. I don't have any acrylic paints at the moment but definately getting them now.

  2. You know, several nail bloggers have used acrylics, but I would never have thought about using acrylic paints. I am such a craft hog, I have lots! The topcoat doesn't smear the acrylic? hmmmm...Thanks a MILLION!!

  3. Thanks Cat I appriciate your complement, I never really think of myself as talented though, I just like to play with different colors, textures and mediums. I like acrylic paint because it's so easy to clean up, water is all it takes. You should totally get some and play with them, I'm sure you'll come up with some great designs.


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