Monday, August 1, 2011

Just Peachy Thanks!

When I think of summer I always think of Lipton's instant Peach Iced Tea, it's my favorite!  I make it by the glass to suit my taste, which is strong with lots of ice. 

Since I've got peaches on my mind I thought I'd do a mani with peaches.  I'm rather pleased that it turned out so well.  I think if I did it over I'd do some larger peaches on at least one additional nail if not all of them, but this is good for now.

I used an un-named blue by Cosmetic Arts that I picked up at Ross Dress for Less.  It's pretty, but very thin and prone to streaks.  I had to use four coats to get a decent base color.  I was less than thrilled with that.

After that, it was all acrylic paint, I started with some branches, then dabbed on leaves before starting the peaches.  They were easy, because they're just hearts that are a little heavy on one side.  Once I had the base filled in I did an outline in a darker color and used the same to put in the "seam".  Then a darker green for the leaves and they were done.  I finished off with just a touch of Kleancolor Peaceful Heart for a tiny bit of sparkle, then a top coat for everything. 
So what makes you think of summer? 


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. Must get some acrylic paints.

  2. WOW! That is downright amazing!(I stink at freehanding). Gorgeous Mani! Tutorial would be awesome if you are up to it!

  3. Cat, Thank you. I recommend them, they're so much easier to work with than nail varnish in some cases, especially detail work.
    Beauty Behaved, Thanks!


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