Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nails Courtesy of Acrylic Paint

I don't have a lot of acrylic paints, and mostly basic colors that I got for simple flowers and dots. You know the ones, yellow and white  for daisies, some greens for leaves etc.

Not too long ago though I picked up some metallic ones, a gold and two shades of copper.  I've not known what to do with them really but I decided to play a bit and experiment with a whole nail look.

So this mani involves no nail lacquer at all, save for the clear top coat it's exclusively acrylic paint. I had my doubts as to how it would turn out, but was pleasantly surprised.

Using a small brush I started on the nail edge with the gold and feathered it toward the center on both sides, for the center I used the  light copper in the same way and feathered it out towards the edges overlapping slightly then took the darker copper and did it just down the center blending it out toward the edges as well.

The combination of the three colors and the feathering blended the edges really well, giving a rather seamless gradient effect.  The effect can be achieved with sponging as well, but is more difficult when working from the edges because you have less room to work with than when sponging from the base to tip.

The metallic paint has a really lovely finish when you use a light touch, resembling actual metal, and any surface irregularities are smoothed out with the top coat.  Since most colors of acrylic paints are available as nail lacquer it won't ever be a replacement, but I think that for an occasional, unique look it is very effective don't you? 

So, what do you think, will you be trying an acrylic mani any time soon?


  1. That's cool. Love how subtle the gradient is.

  2. That looks so cool! Nice that it's not even nail polish!

  3. Cat, Thanks, they turned out better than I had hoped.


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