Friday, January 14, 2011


Tomorrow's my birthday! Oh yeah, it's ma birthday gonna party like it's ma birthday! Actually I have no clue what I'm going to do, maybe I'll treat myself to a *gasp* new bottle of polish!
*singing* We had it all, just like Bogie & McCall...
Whoooboy, I seriously just dated myself with that one. No you may not try and guess my age, it is no longer applicable for the moment. :P
So, I love me some Bogie on a black and white screen and I love me some China Glaze Bogie., I'm not loving the fact that I forgot to moisturize my cuticles after I used the acetone to do my cleanup, so pardon that. Why can't I catch it before I post?
I've had this polish for a while...Like since the Vintage Vixen collection first came out and I am ashamed to admit that this if the first time Bogie has been decanted and graced the surface of my nails. I'm feeling the idiot for it too because it's beautiful. Oh well it's perfectly perfect for my birthday manicure.
This is a deep, rich, plumy purple, actually I think it's a pruney purple, what do you think? Oh come on, you know what a prune is, this isn't a geriatric fiber joke, I'm not THAT old.

Given that it's been around so long there's probably not much I can say about it that you haven't already read so I won't wax too eloquent about it.
My usual two coats. The first coat actually made me worry about streaks but it was flawless on the second coat, sheer perfection to apply, so smooth, so easy...right up until I bumped my thumb and put a big ding in it. *sigh*

So do you ever sit on a polish and then kick yourself for not using it sooner?

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Until next time, have a fantabulous day, I know I will!

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