Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Viridian Vinyl

So this is what Wikipedia has to say about Viridian.

Viridian is a blue-green pigment, a hydrated chromium(III) oxide, of medium saturation and relatively dark in value. It is composed more of green than blue. Specifically, it is a dark shade of spring green, the color between green and cyan on the color wheel. Viridian takes its name from the Latin viridis, meaning "green".

Consider yourself edumicated . :D
I picked this up on clearance at Sally's. I hadn't been terribly interested in the vinyls when they came out but for $1.99 I thought what the hey.

This is two coats and those two coats went on really nicely but it seemed to take a lot longer than my regular polish to dry even for a surface dry. I didn't want to use a quick dry top coat and ruin the vinyl finish so I got a few instant dings.

I'm not quite sure about this vinyl finish although it wears well, this is day four I believe (lost track of time) and I've done a ton of cooking/cleaning. The "vinyl is pretty satin-y to begin with but gradually "shines up" with wear so you're not getting the full effect in these pics...sorry.
It's a pretty green...uh blue...mmm, viridian creme though and worth what I spent on it. I think I'll use a top coat on it though.

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