Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lets Add Some Disco Dazzle

(Cue cheesy disco music)
outdoors w/ flash

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!
We stayed home with a private glass of champagne and I got my annual New Years kiss from the man of my dreams. *le sigh* (as the heart goes pitter pitter pat)

It almost hurt to put this top coat (CG Boundless Color Disco Dazzle) over my beautiful A-List but I'd developed some nasty scratches, a couple of dents and a few dings so it either needed removal or a refresh. I obviously opted for the latter and once it was on I actually liked it. *whew* crisis averted!

Outdoors, natural light

Would you believe that this is one coat with no fishing for glittery goodness? I can hear you muttering "no way" under your breath but it's true. I've actually had this top coat for a while and it's started to thicken like nothing else. Much more and a few drops of polish thinner will be in order. Meanwhile I get massive glitter coverage in one awesome coat.


  1. still looks so pretty, very blingy with the cg topcoat!

  2. Hi Aggie, I was pretty pleased that it turned out ok with th top coat. Gotta love some bling!


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